Power Dressing And Make Up For Federal Land

On August 18, 2017, I was invited by Federal Land for a half-day talk on Power Dressing and Make Up at the Le Parc Event Hall in Metro Park Pasay City. It was our president at the Philippine Association of Public Speakers, Lloyd Luna, who connected me to this group.

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My audience that day was made up of department heads and employees of the accounting, purchasing, and other non-sales departments of the company. For them, I had lined up topics like body type analysis, styling based on body type, professional dressing, and makeup. I also discussed the importance of first impressions and posture.

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I find the afternoon to be a challenging time, but I was glad to have a participative audience who were very attentive, and really took part in the activities I had planned. They were also encouraging to me as a speaker, connecting and engaging with me throughout the seminar.

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The topics I had selected turned out to be ideal for my participants, as these aim to help improve their individual confidence, and also develop camaraderie among the department personnel. Through this, a better working environment could be established, along with an improved dynamic of inter-departmental relationships.

Here are some snippets from my Power Dressing and Make Up Session with Federal Land for you to enjoy.

While we are typically booked by Sales and Marketing Departments, talks such as this one can benefit any and all departments within a company, from Human Resources to Finance, IT, and even Logistics. In the workplace, the ability to deal with people is highly important, and comes into play every day

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