A Talk on Personal Branding for Network of Enterprising Women

There is so much talk about Personal Branding or Image Branding in recent years. More organizations, businesses, and social media influencers have upped their branding game. They want their clients and audience to know who they are and what they stand for.

I sit as Vice President of the Board of Directors for N.E.W or Network of Enterprising Women. N.E.W. is a group of women entrepreneurs that provide support to the member’s entrepreneurial journey. “N.E.W. aspires to build a group of empowered women leading entrepreneurial lives by collaborating with others, helping the community and practicing right business ethics towards their own and their fellow women’s successes.”

The group holds General membership meetings every month which centers on different talks beneficial to its members. On September 18, 2018, I was given the task to discuss Personal Branding to the group.

In attendance were:

  1. Faye Marie Arellano-Martinez of AQA Group of Companies
  2. Weng Fox of Fox Travel
  3. Reena Leechiu Chua who is head of a leading group in Sunlife
  4. Myren Garcia of Myren Business Concepts Inc.
  5. Ana Manansala of Experience Travel and Living
  6. May T. de Vera of SweetBlooms Rose Pastillas
  7. Farah A Cabanban of Casa del Nino School Systems Inc.
  8. Arlette Alvarado of Nicole Cosmetics
  9. Sarah Torres-Ong of Sarah’s Artisanal Treats
  10. Judith Atienza-Cinco of Imagere.

The talk was held at The Office Cowork + Life in Bonifacio Global City.  The Office Cowork + Life offers working spaces for businesses on the 8th floor of the Highstreet South Corporate Plaza at 9th Avenue corner 26th in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. They offer different spaces such as co-working, shared, private executive offices, and a virtual office.

The workshop was also sponsored by HyC 150 is a nutraceutical company based in Osaka, Japan. They specialize in the developing and manufacturing dietary health supplements. The powdered drink contains Hyaluron and collagen plus Ubiquinol. This product promises to not only make you feel young, look young, but move young as well.

The talk on Personal Branding helped the members focus on the essentials. What makes a person stand out from the crowd? The participants examined the characteristics, communication skills, appearance, and practices of these people. A person with a strong personal brand is not always a professional or an executive.

Personal Branding is relevant also to entrepreneurs, sales and marketing professionals, and managers. People at this level are more inclined to change their perspectives and take action. Their desire is to improve standards and provide excellent performance. I taught them that the personal brand is themselves. It is who they are.

During the workshop, I emphasized the Core Elements of a Personal Brand. They are the following:

  • How are you perceived visually
  • How you connect emotionally and engage
  • How you act and behave
  • How you overcome challenges: personal and external
  • How you speak
  • How you grow and succeed in your life’s purpose.

I added that the key to a successful personal brand is CONSISTENCY and AUTHENTICITY. There was also a brief discussion on the components of Personal Branding which are the visual impact, brand values, goal fulfillment, image management, and self-management. Because it was a small group, I was able to engage them in four unforgettable activities. To find out what those are, book an appointment with me today.

Let me share with you some of the participant’s feedback.

 “Personal Branding is about yourself. I think you have to do a self-assessment then from there you can improve further. Second, Image is everything. You have to start putting direction in terms of what you want. From there, it should be consistent.” Anna Manansala of Experience Travel Living

“First, it was educational. Second, it was entertaining. So I’d like to merge the two of them and the workshop was actually an edutainment. With Toni Miranda, it was never a boring session.”

“I am committed to having a makeover. That’s the criticism I received. I think I have to take it positively. I will also recommend it to all women entrepreneurs. We really need this. Toni Miranda is the best.”

“One of the three learnings that I received from the Personal Branding workshop is that I am responsible for my own branding. I need to know myself because I need not be affected by others’ judgment of me. My security and my identity should be coming from God.” Judith Atienza-Cinco of Imagery

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