Celebrating Special Moments at La Chevrerie Resort and Space

Every year, we celebrate our anniversary at Baguio. It’s kinda yearly routine for me and my husband to travel up north for our anniversary. This year we missed it since the place is still not okay due to the typhoon Ompong (internationally known “Mangkhut”) that hit our country. So last week, we quickly searched for another option. I specifically asked John if we can go to the beach side because I wanted to stay by the sea to inspire me to write my overdue tribute article (Read here why my marriage was not all that it seemed) and the other 2 books I’m also writing. It was so timely when saw a friend shared a photo about this nice resort called La Chevrerie in her Facebook post. I searched about it and immediately got interested. We usually visit other parts of Batangas like San Juan and Nasugbu but this is actually my first time to be with my hubby in Anilao. And we are excited to return to this place together with our 2 bagets.

We left at 6AM and just enjoyed the long drive. According to Waze, it’s 3 hours from Cavite, but we decided not to rush at all and just enjoy our travel/food trip. Our first stop was the usual Starbucks at Petron Slex and  had some fritata and coffee. Then our next stop was at Tajay’s Lomi House in Mabini. I must say, they serve super good lomi! You should definitely visit them.

And after that, we also ate at Johanna’s Grill at P. Burgos St. Bauan, Batangas–their Nacho Salad, Baby Back Ribs, Sizzling Bulalo, Kaldereta and Blueberry Cheesecake are all well-recommended. Finally, we arrived at the place we booked in Anilao–the La Chevrerie Resort and Spa.

La Chevrerie Resort and Spa is rated 5-star because of their great facilities and first-class services. It boasts of being located at a premium diving spot, with an overall feel of French elegance everywhere you turn.

When we reached the place we thought we were mistaken since the gate was closed. It looks like a private house from the outside. I rang the doorbell thrice but no one was opening the door. Then on the fifth ring, a man opened the door and asked my name and my reservation. Because I made reservation, they let us in. From the garage area, it seemed like a private house. Another thing I noticed was that they had goats everywhere instead of the usual dog sightings in resorts. From the parking, we were assisted with our bags and we went down this steep brick stairs, and to my surprise the nice enchanted resort greeted us.

They served us kalamansi juice as welcome drink and we were immediately guided to our room. I was very glad to know that since it’s the lean season, we have the resort exclusive to us. 

The room is fully-equipped so you don’t have to worry about anything you may need to have a relaxing stay. I was really impressed. The French owner is in the furniture design industry so the furniture and interiors of the entire resort were carefully designed. In fact, the prices of each furniture in the room are displayed so if you want to have one made, you can order from them and have it delivered. Each room showcases the furniture they are selling, from office table to bed to TV table, etc.

I also loved the minimalist modern design of their bathroom – shower room and their toiletries are well selected as well as the quality of their towels.

The room is spacious.  All rooms, by the way, are facing the ocean. But I recommend the 2nd floor for better view.  I also enjoyed the balcony. It’s so refreshing to the eyes. The view is amazing and it has really inspired me to write blog posts and my book.

Then we planned out our afternoon.  It’s late already for snorkeling and island hoping to “Sombrero Island” so we scheduled it for the next day.

We enjoyed swimming in the pool and later had their special home-made pizza for our snack. Then we went to La Brise spa for an hour of massage at a couple’s room. We booked the massage at 5PM so that we can still avail of the happy hour for our cocktail drinks which is only up to 7PM.

After the relaxing massage (P2,400 for both of us), we headed to the L’Atelier Cafe and tried to catch the happy hour for cocktail drinks. I love their Calamansi Margarita and I had another round this time I ordered Mojito. Since our stomachs are still full, we just ordered fish fingers, Singaporean noodles and Korean dumplings. Aside from these, they also serve seafood, sandwiches, pizza, and great desserts. The cost is a bit pricey if you ask me, but what you really are paying for is the exclusivity and silence of the place. The strong sound of ocean waves and the cool breeze sweeping through this open air restaurant sets the best and romantic ambience for our anniversary. My husband and I started talking seriously our marriage and what has happened to us the past years. It was one of the best nights of quality talk we had, that I will forever cherish.

The next day I woke up early to catch the sunrise. However, this is one place that my husband and I cannot do our usual morning run and walk by the beach because this place is a diving spot, which means the beach front is rocky and there is no shallow waters because it is already the ocean.

Instead we enjoyed our breakfast and continued our long talk and fellowship about how GOD has worked in our marriage. I asked my husband for a few hours to write this blog, and John patiently waited while listening to music looking out the ocean.

After this time, we did our day tour and went swimming. We were so glad that the hotel blessed us with an extended afternoon stay without extra charge. What a wonderful blessing!

While we didn’t have enough time to really try out diving or snorkeling, but we will definitely try it out next time we come back. La Chevrerie is situated in a prime spot for snorkeling and diving, so that is something to look forward to for sure. They also offer a 2-hour scuba diving lesson for Php 4,000 for those who want to explore the scenic underwater sights.

Aside from their suite and deluxe rooms (our booking price is P11,088), this resort also has villas. So if you plan to go on a vacation with the family, you can bet their villas will make your stay cozy and enjoyable.

Since it is a fancy resort and located in an exclusive area, the cost is definitely more than your usual Batangas outing. But let me tell you, you get your money’s worth. Not only does La Chevrerie Resort and Spa give you awesome water activities like scuba diving and snorkeling, they will also make you feel extra special with their hospitable staff, outstanding rooms and services, and really great food.

La Chevrerie Resort is excellent for me. This place gives me serenity and relaxation. I really plan to go back here and continue my book writing. Overall, it has given me and my husband a perfect avenue celebrate our anniversary to reminisce the goodness of God in our marriage and to savor our time with each other in this elegant resort.

Go reserve your accommodation with them soon, and make your love ones feel extra special by celebrating your moments at La Chevrerie Resort and Spa.