2017 ProjectME: Reinvent Yourself

One of the best ways to let your personality shine is through fashion. It is also a great tool for establishing your presence, and building impressions that last. This is one of the topics that we really enjoy teaching at Radiance Image Consultancy. We had the chance to share about it again last March 23, 2017 at Sommerset Alabang, during our 2017 ProjectME: Reinvent Yourself session.

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ProjectME: Reinvent Yourself is part of Radiance Image Consultancy’s ProjectME Series, which is designed to help women break free, reinvent themselves, and become truly empowered. This is our first-ever event series, and we plan to have a bigger comprehensive ProjectME program on 4th Quarter of 2018 at SMX Convention Hall.

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The workshop at Sommerset targeted individuals who were interested in having a closet that works for them. We had a variety of women in attendance that day, from stay at home moms and home schoolers, to doctors, financial advisers, real estate agents, and teachers. Some were fresh graduates, while others were already grandmothers. It was a dynamic mix of individuals and personalities.

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My talk focused on three main topics: Discovering your fashion personality, tips on dressing for your age, and tips on creating your capsule wardrobe. In discussing these, I touched on how to choose the right colors that suit you, and also how to dress in styles that are appropriate for your body shape. Ultimately, I wanted each person there to be able to discover their fashion personalities, and learn how to express themselves through the clothes and accessories they wear.

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I was happy to hear some encouraging, even life-changing feedback after the session. One of the financial advisers who attended said that she now feels less pressure in her day-to-day business after learning the right fabric, cut, and colors to wear. There was one lady who told me she was happy to know that God is a big component of looking good, because our heart should be filled with peace and joy for this to truly happen.

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One of the home schooler moms shared her excitement about inspiring her children with her new fab looks. And, finally, there was one doctor in attendance who shared that she is now excited to finally add color to her wardrobe, since she has always dressed in just white.

Here are some snippets of our ProjectME session at Sommerset Alabang.

Days like these make me feel proud and fulfilled, knowing that we are able to change lives through our workshops. Beyond changing the image and wardrobes of these women, we are also able to transform and enrich their day to day lives, whether at home or at work. I hope to continue to pay it forward, and share the knowledge and wisdom that God has bestowed upon me, through even more sessions, and my upcoming book.

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As an #imagestrategist and Motivational Speaker, I look forward to one day be able to speak for more professionals, doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants, government agencies, marketing associations and other professional associations about personal development, professional image, etiquette, and other topics. If you would like to know more about the sessions we offer, visit us at https://radianceimageconsultancy.com.

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Also, I would like to invite everyone to my upcoming ProjejctME 2018 public workshop. This will be a more powerful program that will help unleash your potential. Watch out for that if you want to discover the new you and be empowered. Details will be posted soon.