Runner’s Kitchen: A Quick Way to a Healthy Refill

People with active lifestyles already know how to eat healthy, but options can be scarce when you’re always on the go. But if you often pass (and run) by Tomas Morato Avenue, you will find that Runner’s Kitchen might be your best bet for organic and healthy food, that’s easy to digest and convenient to take with you.

What started as a food truck concept by celebrity co-owners Glaiza de Castro, Xander Angeles and more, the restaurant opened in 2014 to serve a new option for healthy living for people who are always on the move. With a warm and welcoming interior of artsy decals and wooden accents, the restaurant’s sliding wooden door opens the portal for runners and non-runners alike to taste organic comfort food that fits the bill for all types of appetites.

Their ever-evolving menu is a testament to their passion for locally sourced ingredients, which can be sometimes hard to procure. As such, there are times that their dishes are not available, but they have improved much in their service since they opened nearly two years ago. My visit back in August left me pleased with the quality and speed of their service, something essential if you’re always in a hurry. Ironically enough, I faced quite the dilemma—if you’re on-the-go, how can you savor the food when it’s this good?

Runner’s Kitchen is a restaurant that understands your active lifestyle, but encourages you to stay. I simulated an “on the go” lifestyle and chose their best-selling dishes that are convenient to eat. I sampled their Whole Wheat Nachos (Php 200) and Spicy Tuna Quinoa Rolls (Php 280). For drinks I had their Matipuno (Php 165) and Malusog (Php 160) smoothies, along with a Vegan Coffee Affogato (Php 195)—an espresso shot on top of a small scoop of vegan ice cream. I found the nachos especially irresistible, and could not believe that it was healthy and organic! The smoothies, each with different healthy ingredients, provided a refreshing contrast to the otherwise savory dishes we ordered. The vegan affogato was a nice touch, although I didn’t expect such a small serving, but nevertheless enjoyed it.

Don’t be fooled by the name, however, because Runner’s Kitchen offers more than just quick bites to eat. Their Power Breakfasts, each with a designated runner distance tag (5K, 10K, and 21K), offer organic chicken, grass-fed tapa, and native boar sausage as their viands (Php 345-370). If you want to try all of them, they have their Run365 Marathon Special (Php 460), which contains a sampler of their runner distance breakfasts. Vegans aren’t left out too: they also have Yogi’s Breakfast (Php 380), which serves sausages made out of mushrooms.

Some of their recommended food selections are as follows: Artichokes and Tea Smoked Quesong Puti (Php 240), Roasted Beets and Spinach Salad (Php 250), Malakas & Makisig Detox Smoothie (Php 160), and the Beef Brisket Pasta.

Runner’s Kitchen might initially appeal to runners, but everyone is welcome to taste their healthy, farm-to-table meals. The next time you pass by Tomas Morato, don’t forget to tank up at Runner’s Kitchen and re-fuel your energy to keep up with your active lifestyle


Address: G/F, Creekside Square, Tomas Morato Avenue, Kamuning, Quezon City | Google Map

Landline: 02 4156870 | Mobile: +639773597568


Twitter: @RKPHils

Instagram: @RunnersKitchenPH