Coconut Goodness in Radical Organics

Coconut, also known as the Tree of Life, can be found almost anywhere in all our 7,107 islands. The coconut has a million and one uses. From the refreshing coconut juice to its healthy coconut oil. Filipinos and other nations have sworn by the coconut’s versatility and nutritional benefits, which led a few foreigners to set up the company Radical Organics. 

This group of innovators loves to cook and embraces the healthy lifestyle. So when they discovered the many uses and health benefits of the coconuts, they immediately fell in love with our locally grown produce.  They wanted to share their discoveries with their friends and family.

However, setting up a company in our country was not easy. They had to go through the rigorous processing of permits, continuous research, and product development.  They also had the resolve not only to use our coconuts but to promote it as well. But it’s all good, as they say. They finally came up with the Radical Organics first coconut-based product, the Coconut Chips.

Radical Organics’ Coconut Chips are toasted (not fried) coconut chips, seasoned with coconut sugar and processed using only virgin coconut oil. It’s a healthy and tasty snack on the go that kids and adults will definitely enjoy.  It comes in three flavors: OriginalChili & Lime, and Sea-salt Salted. They are available in 20, 40 and 80-gram pouches.

Aside from this, they also have Premium Blonde Coconut Sugar and Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. They are currently developing new coconut-based products like  Coconut Bars, Coconut Protein Bars. They also have plans for growing the company by exploring the international market.

In everything they do, they make sure that they give out only the best products. As in their tagline: No compromises. Just pure goodness – go Radical!

For availability of their products, check out Radical Organics and their Facebook page. You may also send queries at or call 0918-8038926.


Contact no: 0918 803 8926

Facebook: Radical Organics