Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Workshop for Women Leaders of CCF South Luzon

The CCF South Luzon Women leaders organized an event on September 19, 2018. This meeting for leaders included a training program for the small group leaders in all the CCF South Luzon satellites. The women leaders learned about presentation skills and help develop good communication skills.

Miss Selle Dungo from the WOW Wednesdays Ministry of CCF Imus sent me an invitation to head the training. The invitation came in August but due to my heavy schedule, we agreed to set the talk on September 19. It has been my desire to empower women through training and talks especially those who serve in the church.

About 98 women leaders from different satellites attended. They represented CCF TagaytayCCF SalawagCCF SalitranCCF BacoorCCF Gen Trias, and CCF Imus. It was my first time to visit CCF Imus even if I am also from Cavite. I felt their love and warm hospitality. Before I started the talk at 1 P.M., the admin team prayed for me.

Leadership is about leading a group of people and having a vision. Leaders must be able to communicate the vision with clarity. Because this will inspire and motivate others to embrace that perspective and help you achieve it. Jesus is a great example of someone who embodies a leader with a purpose. I am a believer of servant leadership as modeled to us by Jesus.

Everything a leader does to influence and to impact others involves communication. Our presentation skills and how we communicate are vital. I taught the participants that image is the key in communication. We may have leadership training and technical skills but without a good image, our leadership is lacking. A good image includes Appearance, Personal Branding, Etiquette, and Non-Verbal Communication.

The leader’s priority in self -development is to improve on communication skills. We see communication at work in one-on-one mentoring, group discussions, and leadership meetings. A leader must be able to present her message in a clear manner regardless of the audience and setting.

I also taught them the habits and attitudes that affect a leader’s authority and credibility. And of course, in everything we say and do, it should always be glorifying to God.

I shared some key pointers to help them achieve this goal. They are the following:

  • Practice positive body language
  • Practice the art of listening
  • Practice positive facial expression
  • Practice positive hand and leg talk
  • Good posture is also important

I am privileged to speak to these women leaders of CCF South Luzon. Their response was overwhelming. Let me share with you what they have to say after the talk.

“What I learned from the talk today is that good communication is a choice. I also learned how to have good hand gestures. I get nervous when I speak in public. But I am thankful that I was able to attend today’s talk because it helped me a lot. I know that I still have a lot to learn and apply.” – Benny Sildin

“I learned in listening that we listen to listen and not to listen to answer. That lesson stuck with me. We listen not for the sake of arguing but when we listen we want to love them.” – Jovy Paje

“I need to improve my posture. Ever since I was a child I was called Robin Padilla because I walk like him. But I think I need to change that now.” – Katz

“I learned about good posture because it gives you authority so that your kids will obey you and your disciples will follow you. Having the correct posture will help you connect with others. I also learned about listening to help and to teach and not to brag.”- Lizzie

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