A Celebration of the Best of the Philippines

The Philippines is blessed with an abundance of natural resources. Our fertile land and abundant marine resources produce only the best in the land. In order to celebrate and promote our bounty, the Department of Agriculture, in partnership with SSI Group Inc., opened the Philippine Harvest 2016: An Organic, Artisanal, Natural, and Indigenous Food Fair held at the Central Square of BGC. The 3-day exhibit held on August 19 to 21, 2016 showcased agricultural and organic products from the country.

Among the thirty plus exhibitors, the following businesses caught my attention and I even tried and bought home some of their products:

Bio Traders. Also known in the market as Dewi’s Diamond grow miniature cucumbers. Their best-selling product is the Pickled Cucumber, Cucumber Paste, and Cucumber Juice. Read more about Bio Traders here.

Milea. They have a wide array of skin care products including bee farm products. Their makeup line is mainly made from bees! Wait, what?  Read more about Milea here.

Nipa Foods & Nipa Brew.  A division of Selula Hayagham Corporation, Nipa highlights their Cashew Butter Spread, Trail Mix, and crafted beer under the Nipa Brew name. Their products are perfect for picnics and barbecues. 

Read more on Nipa Brew & Nipa Foods here.

Primal. Primal Energy drink is unlike any other energy drinks available. It is rich in honey, green coffee extract, cayenne which gives it some spice. Read more about Primal here.

Radical. Put up by Americans who loved our coconuts, Radical promotes the health benefits of coconuts.  The Philippines is home to the best coconuts which became the source of Radical’s products like Coconut Chips and the like. Read more about Radical here.

Ritual. They carry a wide range of products from personal care to cleaners and deodorizers. They supply local chefs with coarse sea salt, turmeric powder, curry leaf and other hard to find ingredients. They use sustainable packaging material and do not use plastic. Read more about Ritual here.

Ja Lee’s Farm. The farm located in Indang Cavite, cultivates different kinds of mushrooms like oyster mushrooms and ganoderma lucidum. They create super healthy snacks like the uber crunchy Mushroom Chicharon. 

Here were the participants in the Philippine Harvest 2016 exhibit:

  • BIO Traders
  • Bios Dynamis
  • Casa Del Formaggio
  • Chili Asylum
  • Coco Natura
  • Costales Farm
  • Demetrio’s
  • Destileria Limtuaco & Co., Inc.
  • Dielles
  • Don Papa
  • Down to Earth Grassfeed Beef
  • Fresh Start Organics & Natura
  • Healthy Tropics
  • Jalee’s Farms
  • Kenzo and Kloe’s Nature farm
  • Malagos Chocolate
  • Mama Sita’s Premium Vinegars & Food
  • Milea
  • Milka Krem / PCC Dairy
  • Nipa Foods / Nipa Brew
  • Pedro
  • Philippine Craft Spirits
  • Primal
  • Queen B Apiaries
  • Radical Organics
  • Ritual
  • Saint Ambrose Bignay Wine
  • Tapuy rice wine
  • Theo & Philo

I enjoyed sampling the Philippine-made and organic products at the fair. It makes me so proud of my country and the local business owners. Here’s to more Philippine Harvest celebrations!