AICI Philippine Chapter’s Lifestyle Workshop Series 3: Shimmer & Shine in Color & Style

Here’s a quick and easy trick to always looking amazing: Choose your colors wisely.

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Color makes an enormous impact on the appearance and image of a person. It can reflect moods, personas, even stature in life. When you know the colors that work best for you, and are able to apply this via your clothing, accessories and hair, you are sure to look your best all the time.

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On August 30, 2017, I got to talk about how color can be your best asset in a workshop entitled, “Shimmer and Shine with Color and Style”. This was part of a series of lifestyle learning sessions organized by the AICI Philippine Chapter, an organization that I am a member of.  In attendance were several members of the AICI Philippine Chapter, some government officals, bloggers, models, artists, employees, and stylists.

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I was one of two speakers during the workshop. A fellow image consultant, Natasha M. Fortuna, was the other, and her talk was about shopping with a purpose. Her session covered topics like discovering your fashion personality, dressing for your age, and creating a capsule wardrobe that really works for you.

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During my session, I spoke about the basic principles of color temperature, color value and intensity. I also provided tips and guides on applying of these principles to an individual’s daily fashion choices. The class was both engaging and educational. Based on the participants’ evaluation afterwards, they found the topic to be very helpful, and filled with practical, useful information on skin tone and the use of color.

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As a speaker, they said that I was approachable, and well-armed with both knowledge of the subject, and the tools needed to effectively deliver my message. I wish I had more time with them so that we could delve deeper into the topic.

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For your appreciation, here’s a short video of what went on that day.

Presenting yourself in a visually appealing manner is a great tool for success. With the use of color, this can all be done so effortlessly. If you are interested in a professional image course in color and style, whether for groups or individuals, in a corporate setting or simply as a means for personal enhancement, I would be glad to offer my services. Find out more about how I can be of service to you by visiting