The Success of a Seafarer’s Wife

Bible Verse: For in him we live and move and have our being.” ~Philippians 4:6-7 NIV

Can a once successful careerwoman find fulfillment in being a seafarer’s wife and a stay-at-home mom?

Yayie worked as a successful careerwoman in an international bank for almost 12 years. Then when she got married and had a child, she chose to dedicate her time to becoming a hands-on homemaker and a mom to her 6 year old son, Dash. She remembers how she used to enjoy badminton, table tennis and going to the gym as her exercise, but since she became a mother, the workout she gets is cleaning the house, stretching by picking up after his son, and running after him.

Motherhood is a joyful experience for Yayie, though she admits that raising their son is quite challenging. Her husband is a seafarer and is only home for about 5 months in a year. Considering the distance, she has to carry most of the weight of parenting as she the one physically present with Dash.

But Yayie doesn’t feel heavily burdened by her role in raising her son or lonely being a seafarer’s wife. As a Sunday school kid, she understood that she needs Jesus as her Savior. She surrendered her life to Him at such a young age and has since enjoyed a wonderful spiritual journey. And it is this relationship she has with the Lord that keeps her going. Parenting, for Yayie, is a privilege—not everyone is given this opportunity. Yes, parenting can be tiresome, frustrating, anger-inducing sometimes, but it will never overshadow the joy, fulfillment, and thanksgiving of having a child hug and kiss you, and the daily truth that you are loved unconditionally. As a parent, she lives by Isaiah 54:13, “All your children shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your children.” This is how she can carry on being both a mother and father to Dash, while her husband is off to different places working for their family.

Her life from when she was still in the corporate world is very much different from the life she now has. But while her previous colleagues are heading on to career promotions and other business ventures, she finds contentment in raising her boy to become the man God calls him to be.

Yayie’s overall wellness is quite inspiring. For her, wellness is how you perceive yourself. It dictates how you should be taking care of yourself. It is the totality of one’s being—physical, spiritual, and emotional. This perspective of hers allows her to enrich herself as a woman, wife and a mother. She loves reading, so she reads books that will help her grow in knowledge, like learning how to be a good financial steward through “The Richest Man in Babylon by George S Clason.” You can read her insights about it here. She also takes time to grow in her faith by joining a D-Group (CCF’s discipleship group) and life accountability. She surrounds herself with godly women who will also uplift her and guide her in her walk with Jesus. And though she may just be staying at home, she still consulted with a professional image consultant to help her enhance her image and appearance, as she is still accountable to her husband and son to look and feel good about herself. Here is a short video of Yayie sharing a wonderful testimony about her image consulting experience with Radiance Image Consultancy

Success is not defined by the accolades you reap for an outstanding work. Success can also mean being fulfilled as a seafarer’s wife and a stay-at-home mom, and becoming a whole person by faithfully living out what Jesus has called you to do. And for Yayie, her years of achievements in the corporate world are nothing close to the accomplishments she receives day to day in raising her son, Dash.

Ms. TM says

Yayie and I are on the same discipleship group and are practically like sisters. We go through ups and downs of life and grow spiritually together. She’s a very supportive sister in Christ, especially during my devastating moments last year. She made me feel loved by listening to me and poured out her love by not judging me and simply just showing me love and kept reminding me that GOD is faithful.

I admired her determination of being a full-time mother to her son Dash, and at the same time carrying out the role of both mom and dad. How can she do that?? She inspired me on how depending on GOD for her day to day endeavors sustain her since then until now. She is so jolly to talk with, not to mention she resembles Kris Aquino when she talks (ha-ha-ha!). I love how she carries herself the godly way as a seafarer’s wife.

Truly God is our provider and enabler. It is not easy to be a full-time mother and father and it’s always joyful to do what God has designed us to do.  I am inspired by her and I hope that all the other wives of seafarers and other OFWs may find also inspiration from Yayie’s walk with GOD.


Dear God, may I remain grateful to you in my season today. Though I may be doing mundane things that can be tiring like cleaning the home or attending to my family, please help me to always find joy in serving my love ones. Thank you that I can find my contentment in You alone. That no matter where you take me, whether to work in an office or to stay at home with my family, I pray that I will always live and move and have my being in You. I pray also for my love ones who are not physically with me, that you would always bless them and keep them safe wherever they are. Guide us always in all we do, Lord. In Jesus’ name, I ask. Amen.