Work Attitude and Values Enhancement Workshop for Powermax 2.0

What attitudes are you taking with you at work? An employee who has a negative attitude will create a ripple effect in the office. Irritability, impatience, and negativity of one or two individuals often set the tone in the department. Bosses notice that immediately because it affects work productivity and rapport. How do we counter that?

The Powermax Consulting firm specializes in providing professional development workshops to the public. It is a privilege to be one of their resource speakers.

On February 21, I again facilitated a workshop on WAVE, which is Work Attitude and Values Enhancement. The WAVE workshop helps the participants discover their personal mission/vision and values and align them with the company. In so doing, employees become more productive and create a positive work ambiance.

The participants learned how to develop the right mindset for work. Understanding their character and attitude will drive them to become a better team player. Having a clear picture of their core values, they develop accountability. They become more aware of how they behave and how they communicate. They will also be willing to go the extra mile without complaining to fulfill the vision of the company.

What are the benefits of having a positive work attitude in the workplace?

  • Creates a positive work environment
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Increase work output and productivity
  • Increases energy at work
  • Builds positive rapport among colleagues
  • Improves team work
  • Increases risk-taking and accountability
  • Fulfills company mission and vision
  • Improves relationships and promotes camarederie

The first time I talked about WAVE was in December 2018. The positive feedback I received after assured me that I was able to deliver the message clearly.

Let me share with you the recent feedback from my second WAVE Workshop with Powermax.

Hi Ms. Toni. Thank you soooo much for the inspirational WAVE Training. You are a blessing. God Bless. I knew that you will choose me to share something in the training. I was deeply moved by your story. I knew I was teary-eyed when you shared your story. – Zhyra Mein Lontoc Bumanglag

Hi Ms. Toni, good evening. I am one of the participants in your WAVE program at Powermax today. Thank you very much for inspiring me of your life story. I pray and hope that someday I can do, too, what you are doing. God bless you more Ms. Toni so that you can bless more too. – Janet Conde Gorospe

The attitude of your employees towards work is crucial to your success. Whether you hire office-based employees or have workers in a factory, they all bring with them different attitudes and values. A wise employer will want to enable his workers to be better not only at work but also in their personal lives

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