Why You Need to Speak Your Compelling WHY

Great leaders inspire everyone to take action

– Simon Sinek  

Why do you do what you do? What is your purpose? If I ask you these questions, your response would be something like this, “To earn money” or “To provide for my family.” Both responses did not answer the question, ‘Why’. Those were the results of your ‘Why’.

Very few people or companies can speak their WHY, or why they do what they do. Why does your company exist? Why do you get out of bed every morning? And WHY should anyone care?

Find your WHY

To answer, ‘why do you what you do’, we need to go deep into our core belief. Everything that you do is anchored on this belief system. You may have adopted this since childhood or have drawn inspiration from someone. Whatever these beliefs are, they have shaped your character and your values.

Your WHY helps create a personal vision that empowers you from the inside out. When you know your WHY you have a new motivation in carrying out your tasks at work. As you live out your WHY you build a strong image that inspires confidence in others.

What does your WHY look like

For example, one of your core beliefs is the necessity of continuous learning. So, when there is an opportunity for professional development at work or outside of work, you sign up. You find ways to improve and grow because you know that it will help you achieve your goals.

If your WHY is growth, your purpose is to develop yourself. Part of developing yourself is creating a strong image. Your goal is to improve and transform YOU. This image speaks a lot about your personal values and level of professionalism.

Another belief involves other people. You believe the best in others and trust that they are doing their best. When an employee finds a task challenging, you extend patience. If it is possible, you find time to mentor them or ask somebody to teach them.

Speak your WHY

Being able to articulate your WHY is vital in creating a strong image. Your communication skills, your personal appearance, and your degree of professionalism attract people. If they see you living out your WHY, they will feel the need to follow your lead. If your actions and your words do not match, you will lose the trust of others.

When you share your WHY you are doing two things: One, you will attract loyalty from those who believe in your WHY. Two, you will repel those who think you are wasting their time. These are the people who don’t believe your WHY.

Aren’t we drawn to leaders or organizations who know their purpose and are able to express them well? They have the ability to make us feel we belong. These leaders are relatable. They also make us safe and that they have our backs no matter what. Likewise, they make us feel important and that our contributions and opinions matter.

Your vision is only actionable if you say it out loud. If you keep it to yourself, it will remain a figment of your imagination. -Simon Sinek

But to get people to embrace that vision, you must be able to get your message across in a clear and simple way. If you talk to them what you believe or your WHY, you inspire those who believe what you believe. Your team needs to know your WHY to be in the same boat. They have to know, heart, see and even feel your WHY.

As Simon Sinek recommends, “Write your WHY on the office walls, have them printed on T-shirts, create a slogan or tagline with your WHY.” The more you see it, the more you internalize it and live it out.” Consistency is the key. A consistent WHY makes you inspiring, credible, and an expert in your field. They will support you and commit to what you believe in. They want to learn how to create their Why and have a powerful presence that inspires others.

Executive Presence and your compelling WHY

Creating your WHY is the first step to developing an executive presence. If you have a strong core belief or compelling WHY you will be intentional in improving yourself. You see your potential so you continue to develop yourself. You live out your WHY one step at a time.

A compelling WHY affects a leader’s executive presence. It highlights credibility and integrity. People need to see you living out your beliefs and the people who share the same vision as you will follow you.

Anybody can be a leader. But not every leader has a vision. A leader with an inspiring vision is a force to be reckoned with. The leader sees the possibilities and moves things around to see that vision to fruition.

This vision involves everyone. Your employees will work towards that same vision if they can see why you do what you do. If they see your WHY then they will also ask themselves the same question, ‘Why do I what I do?’ It is going to be personal. Earning an income is no longer their primary reason. They are doing what they do because they see a part of themselves in your personal why and vision.

Speaking my WHY

One of the tools that helped me create my WHY is from Rick Warren’s book, The Purpose-Drive Life. He lists down our five purposes:

  1. We were planned for God’s pleasure. Our first purpose is to worship God.
  2. We were formed for God’s family. The second purpose is to enjoy real fellowship.
  3. We were created to become like Christ. The third purpose is to learn true discipleship.
  4. We were shaped for serving God. Our fourth purpose is to serve in the ministry.
  5. We were made for a mission. Our final purpose is to live out real evangelism.

Allow me to share with you my WHY:

To teach individuals confidence that comes from a pure heart so that it will create in them a powerful presence that inspires, influences and leads others.

I coach people of all ages to develop an executive presence that impacts others. Coaching others to be better versions of themselves is both my work and ministry. I am God’s worker in His mission field.

What is your WHY? Do you need help defining yours? Radiance Image Consultancy helps individuals and organizations find their WHY. Discovering your WHY is key in developing your executive presence. 

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Be extraordinary, inside and out.