What is Executive Presence?

Have you ever wondered why your subordinates don’t respect you as their leader? Do you have a difficult time connecting with them that affects work and productivity?

Unfortunately, this is the reality in companies, organizations, and businesses. Untrained leaders don’t command respect when they enter the room. Their employees are not delighted to see them. But when a leader has mastered the skill of Executive Presence, he or she brightens every room he or she enters. Employees find that leader approachable, trustworthy, credible, and worth following.

Executive Presence is an encompassing quality of a leader whose character, competencies, and professional image project authority, credibility, and integrity. It is an external manifestation of an internal transformation.

Because Executive Presence is not innate, improving and developing this internal quality is possible.

Why is there a need for an internal transformation? Whether in our personal or professional lives, we all have a reason for doing the things we do. We have our own goals and vision for our selves. We also have our work goals. It’s all about improving office productivity, increasing sales, and polishing your work ethics.

Somehow when our personal and professional goals are not aligned, we get into trouble. Each one affects the other in a negative way.

These effects are evident in unprofessionalism, diminished work ethic, and decrease productivity. There is an increase in office chatter, negative sales, and poor customer service. Henry Ford says, “Don’t find the fault, find the remedy.”

Radiance Image Consultancy specializes in Executive Presence Training Program that works on social graces, business protocols, and professional etiquette in the Philippines. The benefits of the program are threefold:

  1. Strengthen the impact and influence of leaders
  2. Improve customer experience
  3. Increase productivity

Executive Presence enhances customer experience. In fact, it is the missing link to forging a harmonious and sustained relationship with clients. Image and Executive Presence play a vital role in productivity. A person’s level of productivity is proportional to his or her level of confidence. An increase in their productivity affects the entire organization as well.

Impactful leadership is vital in business that is why it is necessary to empower the leaders. But the Executive Presence Program is not limited to the executives. Potential leaders, managers, and customer-facing personnel can also take part in the program.

Leaders Need to Improve too

There is a huge demand for impactful leadership in the Philippines.  There is stiff competition for the position of leading hundreds or even thousands. A seasoned or upcoming leader already has an edge if he or she has the learned skill of Executive Presence. To improve physical presence, spoken skills, etiquette, and personal style is necessary.

Today is the best time to build your Executive Presence. You can do it by inspiring yourself, others, and a legacy.

Inspiring self. Everything starts with you. If you do not inspire yourself, how can you inspire or motivate others? Build your strengths and control your weaknesses. Change your perspective on self, life, and work. Create a positive outlook on life.

Inspiring others. Your actions have consequences. Everything you say and do affect the people around you. Learn to be accountable and assume responsibility. How you present yourself in front of others says a lot about you. Be mindful of the clothes you wear and your personal grooming. Appearance matters a lot. Foster powerful relationships in connecting with other people. Polish your non-verbal communications that include gestures, facial expressions, and body language.

Inspiring legacy. Start building a lasting legacy that inspires. Be willing to share your skills and knowledge with others. Mentor someone. An inspirational leader draws strength from God, therefore, exuding God-confidence.

Ask us about the Executive Presence Program today. Consult with our Image Strategist, Motivational Speaker, and Corporate Trainer. We offer other training programs which include The Impact of First Impressions, Work Ethics and Professionalism, and Minimalist Beauty Queen. Get in touch with Radiance Image for your corporate programs, keynote talks, and short workshops.

Be extraordinary, inside and out.