The Power of Executive Presence for Green Circle Realty Sales Team

My team and I arrived early on August 20 and 23 for the third batch of training for the Green Circle Realty Sales Team. I am so elated to teach the Power of Executive Presence to this batch of participants.

I would say that I have established a good relationship with the people from Green Circle Realty. Their staff helped us set up for the day. They even made sure that my team and I were well taken cared of.

The Power of Executive Presence training program aims to empower the participants with the leading brand image tools. It will also change the mindset necessary to immediately put ideas into action. The results will create a clear view of the organization’s vision. Radiance Image’s approach is positive, engaging, informative and interactive. The participants will gain an enhanced visual brand image. They will improve their behavior and communication skills. The result is a well-rounded personal and professional presence.

Like the previous batch, the participants were lively and teachable. The Power of Executive Presence will improve the way they look and how they communicate. This will also help them improve their behavior in social settings. I created activities that would enhance this and gain knowledge in personal branding. This will create a new mindset for the participants.

I made them do activities and this involved sharing and admitting the truth of who they are. They were also asked to speak in front of everyone to boost their confidence. Other group activities include developing their interaction with their co-workers. They were also asked to do on the spot role-playing which helped them in problem-solving. The participants also presented sales pitches to would be clients.

Here are some of the participants’ feedback and comments from the two-day training.

What I enjoyed most in the seminar is learning the proper etiquette and how to communicate with our clients. The lesson is not only applicable at work but also in our daily interactions with other people. – Emz

In this two-day seminar, I became aware of how I present myself especially in front of the clients. I used to have a mustache but after attending the seminar, I corrected that and shaved it off. I commit to maintaining this new look. It was hard to adjust in the beginning but I know this is the best for me. -Geri Sampayan

I enjoyed almost all the activities in the training especially the part where we gave criticisms and compliments. Now that we are aware of our bad habits, we can adjust and change it. – Gelai

Every day is a learning process. I know I can do it if I do it one step at a time. I commit to leave all the negative attitudes and bad habits behind and strive to become a better person. – Pie Morales

I learned how to dress appropriately and having the correct body posture when talking to clients. I commit to always smile and to apply whatever lessons Ms. Toni Miranda taught us. Thank you to Green Circle for this two-day seminar. – Jenny

Let me share the highlights of Day 1 of The Power of Executive Presence Training

Day 2

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