Benefits of Social Graces and Personality Development to Philippine Army Personnel

Our soldiers are well-trained to fight and defend our country. But this doesn’t mean, they are not mindful of their manners or behavior. Despite the tough persona, our Philippine Army personnel need to develop their personalities. They also have to know about etiquette and social graces.

For the second year, the Philippine Army sent me an invitation to speak on the same topic. The first Social Graces Workshop they had with me was on December 2017 at Fort Bonifacio.

The Gender and Development Office of the Philippine Army Signal saw the need to train their frontline personnel. These men and women lacked the basic knowledge of etiquette and manners, particularly in formal gatherings. On December 6, 2018, I taught them social graces, grooming, etiquette, body language, power dressing, and the need to develop a professional image.

Social Graces are basic skills. These are courteous and gracious behaviors in social settings. These involve etiquette, manners, posture, and style. Social graces must conform to acceptable norms in modern society.

Personality development is a continuing pattern of individual feelings, behaviors, and thoughts. Social graces together with a positive personality will help soldiers gain respect. They will also develop confidence, improve their skills, and enhance their image. All these will further their advancement in their career and open new opportunities.

I taught them the importance of their ABCD (Appearance, Behavior, Body Language, and Digital Presence). This is essential as they carry out their duties. If they follow the ABCD, they will feel confident and empowered. There is a need for military personnel to have an executive presence as well. In fact, it is crucial for every member of the organization.

Executive Presence is an all-encompassing quality of a leader whose character, competencies, and professional image project authority, credibility, and integrity.

Executive Presence leaves a distinct impression of a person’s authority, credibility, and integrity. It can be an effective leadership tool. It will move people to follow an inspiring leader. We value these soldiers. We salute them for their services. They will continue to inspire us if they find inspiration themselves. When this happens, it will lead them to leave an inspiring legacy to others.

Aside from teaching them the basic dining etiquette, I also taught them social graces. They communicate through their body language, facial expression, and tone of voice. Their nonverbal cues say a lot about them. We also discussed the importance of good grooming and appearance as Army personnel. In the end, if they practice these, they will be able to inspire others to do the same.

Private Weisson Bueno said, “despite all the ordeals and challenges, you can inspire other people and change everything.” Staff Sergeant Villanueva admitted that he learned many things like how to transform one’s self and interact with others. Private Adele Roxas shared that she learned the value of inspiration. For Ms. Aireen Ramos, “Everybody has a choice to improve their appearance, communication, and behavior. I choose to have a good image.”

Are you a member of the armed services like the army, navy, or the police force? Does your team need to man-up by learning basic etiquette and nonverbal communication skills? We can help your organization by equipping your team with the skills to impact their leadership.

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