Professional Image Enhancement for Philippine Veterinarians

Professional Image Enhancement is not limited to business and corporate people. Professionals also include those in the medical field and allied professions. More often than not, these medical practitioners overlook their image. Because they focus more on providing service to their patients, image is not a priority. Veterinarians are called to uphold their profession through their service and professional image.

When I received an invitation from the president of the Philippine Veterinary Medical Association (PVMA), I agreed to speak at their annual convention. The PVMA began in 1907 and is the second oldest professional group in the country. The association continues to promote the interests of their members and provide professional development seminars.

PVMA President, Dr. Joy M. Santos and President-elect, Dr. Francisco Vilela Jr. sought me as one their plenary speakers. Veterinarians from all over the Philippines converge at the Iloilo Convention Center for the 86th PVMA Annual Convention and Scientific Conference. The convention commenced on February 20 to 22 with a theme, “Quality Animal Care for a Quality Life”. c/o PVMA

In the morning, I prepared my talk on Professional Appearance for the Pre-conference seminar. I want stress the importance of professional appearance as veterinarians, and that appearance controls first impressions. There was also a need to boost their confidence as they practice their profession.

I gave tips on how to look credible and authoritative. Also, some basic etiquette tips and 8 body language mistakes. I hope that I have encouraged them not to look lowly at themselves because they treat animals and not people. Veterinarians are equally important in the field of science and medicine. In fact, what is important is their heart of service.

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Due to some unforeseen events, the guests speakers, Department of Agriculture Secretary, Honorable Emmanuel Pinol and Senate Committee Chair on Agriculture, Senator Cynthia Villar were not able to make it.

Because of this, I had the opportunity to extend my talk on Professional Image and share my personal story. I emphasized that their image projects a message, and that message comes from the true condition of their hearts.

Instead of speaking only on Professional Image Enhancement, the Lord enabled me to talk about my personal journey and Jesus Christ. I ended with a prayer of acceptance for all the participants and guests. There was silence after my talk but I believed that God used me to touch the lives of the participants.

When I returned home, I received messages from the participants. Truly, God is amazing and to be praised. He used the absence of the other speakers for me to share His message to the people. Let me share with you some of their messages.

Ms. Toni, thank you for praying for PVMA. You amazed me at how you used your platform to share God. I pray that God will be glorified in your life. I pray that I will also get the chance to attend your trainings because I want to be a better me. My purpose in life is to become what God wants me to do and hear Him say good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your master. I believe that there is still a better me and I want to have that image. Thank you for sharing your life testimony, it inspired me. God Bless! – Aileen

Hello, Ms. Toni! I just want you to know that I was so blessed with your testimony. I am a born again Christian myself. I had to stop myself from shouting ‘Praise the Lord’ when you mentioned accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior. I will pray with you that God would continue to use you for His Glory. God bless you and your ministry. Dr. Ella Mae Gandia – LGU Bacoor PVMA

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Toni, I am happy with your boldness and courage to share your story. The content is nice but we were not expecting it will be this inspiring. Thank you for sharing the Gospel. May God continue to bless others through your life and work – Emma Monfero – Marino

Thank you, Ms. Toni for sharing your life. You are beautiful from the inside out. You have inspired us to watch over our image as veterinarians. God Bless. This is Dr. Sepe Calo. D.V.M. Esperanza, Agusan Del Sur

I am writing this while you are still talking in front about your personal life during the 86th PVMA Convention in ICC. I was so touched and inspired by your story. Thank you for inspiring me and motivating me. It may be difficult to start recalibrating my life but knowing and being heard from you about how GOd changed you, I know there is still hope. Thank God for you. please pray for me too that God will change me the way He did to you. GOd bless. Keep inspiring people. – Alejandro

Not sure if this will really reach you, but all I wanted to say is, thank you so much ! Can’t put into words how you inspired me during the PVMA convention in Iloilo. God bless you! – Job Vicenal

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With PVMA President, Dr. Joy M. Santos

Hello Ma’am. I’m inspired of your talk at our pvma convention… Hope to visit your place in manila. – Doc Therese JB Mac

Hello Ma’am Toni. Just want to say how much I appreciated your talk today. And thank you for sharing your story. Your candor was captivating po. God bless you. – Rouchelle Alonte

Medical practitioners focus on providing service to their patients. Overlooking their professional image and appearance is a disservice to their profession.

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Be extraordinary, inside and out.