Power Dressing, Personality Development, and Social Ethics for the Department of Education

My team and I set out early for a long drive to Bataan last May 21. It was not a leisure trip. I am to speak the following day at The Department of Education’s (DepEd) convention in Bagac, Bataan.

We arrived at the venue at 2 pm. The long drive was worth it because of the visual feast offered by Las Casas de Acuzar. The picturesque scene of the Philippines with ancestral homes from a time gone by was a sight to see. We couldn’t resist taking photos. I am happy that my team and I were able to relax and enjoy that day. I was also able to use this time to prepare for my talk the following day.

The next morning was a big day for me. Non-teaching executives from the DepEd Quezon City filled the convention hall. My talk on the Power of Executive Presence lasted 3 hours. The session included topics on Power Dressing, Personality Development, and Social Ethics.

It was an encouragement to speak to an audience who is receptive to change. They showed interest in the unique approach to corporate branding. Even the executives were responsive to my questions which made the session interactive.

I received an invitation from Mr. Dennis G. Maño of the Department of Education Quezon City. The department needed to administer a Leadership and Management Skills Development Program. They would like Radiance Image Consultancy to handle the topic on Power Dressing, Personality Development, and Social Ethics.

These modules will help motivate, improve the leadership skills and impact the performance of their school managers and supervisors. The goal is to increase the credibility and influence of their aspiring leaders. Also, to improve their executive presence and boost confidence. The proposed program is a quick and effective tool to focus on these issues.

The objectives of this training program were as follows:

  1. To improve executive presence and project an authentic Personal Brand synergistic with DEPED
  2. To boost the participant’s morale and confidence in their daily tasks as leaders and in dealing with various types 
of personalities
  3. To become role-models to others and improve relationships with colleagues, subordinates
  4. To become a 
respected leader

I spoke to the school managers and supervisors from the different DepEd units in Quezon City. The age range was 30 to 50 years old. Also in attendance were the deputy heads and general managers. The talk will equip the prospective leaders and prepare them for their new role.

The topics I shared with the participants were the following:

  • What is Power Dressing
  • How to have an Executive Presence
  • Appearance – Credibility, Grooming, Appropriateness
  • Manners
  • Body Language

After the training, the participants gave their feedback on the entire training program. Majority of the participants enjoyed the topic of Executive Presence and Power Dressing. Some of the most valuable lessons they learned were ‘having a good appearance is a choice’ and ‘to be an inspiration, not an irritation’.

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