Social Graces and Personality Development Seminar With The Philippine Army Signal Regiment

It is unfortunate that, in today’s society, the value of social graces tends to be overlooked. The truth is, these are essential skills that enable us to act politely and appropriately in social situations.

Social Graces and Personality Development are two of the topics I really love teaching, and I was glad I got to do so for the Philippine Army Signal Regiment (ASR). My session with them took place on December 13, 2017 at the NCO Clubhouse of the Philippine Army. My purpose was to teach the participants the proper parlance of social graces as a general concept, which could help develop their personal awareness and personalities.

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I was invited to speak by Major (SC) PA  Gevelyn Corpuz, Chief, GADO, ASR of the Gender and Development Office of Headquarters – Philippine Army Signal Regiment through CPT Ann Jay Lei Merzo (SC). 

Their main objective in having me was to help address gender-related issues anchored in the Philippine Army’s efforts towards its vision of a world-class Philippine Army, that is a source of National pride.  From their observations, while army personnel were well-trained in Combat Procedures, they had no strong concept of social graces. Because of this, they found that personnel were caught in awkward moments during formal military occasions, and others even declined to participate due to a lack of confidence.

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I started off the workshop with some experiential learning activities. First, we observed the participants’ behavior and actual manners in one-on-one interactions. We practiced dining etiquette. I taught them how to make proper introductions, along with other lessons in manners and personal behavior.

As a concluding activity, I asked all the participants to write down their plans of action for applying what they had learned about the true value of social graces.

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One of the best pieces of wisdom I passed on to the participants that day is this: Social graces is really about respect and character. It shows integrity. And, unless you are anchored by the right motivation, it will be difficult to practice good etiquette. After all, it is what dictates how we respond, behave and direct our lives. Our plans and purposes always integrate and reflect our sources of inspiration and motivation.

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I was surprised and nearly brought to tears when I saw their action plans. I knew then that my teachings penetrated their hearts, not simply by my own doing, but because I was gifted by my Lord and Savior with the talent to teach.

I’d like to share their answers with you, for your inspiration. You may zoom in to read, and be moved as I have been inspired and encouraged. Truly, it is experiences and people like these that motivate me even more to pursue my profession as a Brand Image Consultant.

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The feedback I received after the workshop was so encouraging, and I headed home with a full heart.  I didn’t even notice the stressful traffic caused by the Holiday Season! It was definitely worth my energy serving the participants that day.

Here are some of the highlights from the session.

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Do your organization’s members present themselves at their personal and professional best? Do they make a positive first impression? Are they confident in social situations? 

If you need to equip your group with adequate business etiquette and protocol, and help them feel more confident in social interactions with others, we can help. With us, you can polish your personal brand, and gain the confidence you need for social success, as well as the ability to present yourself at your personal and professional best.

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