Personal Branding With PayMaya

Who U?

This is something often asked over SMS when a message from an unknown sender comes in, right? It is also something that I ask my Personal Branding students.

A couple of months ago, I got to ask that same question to a few employees of PayMaya. For those of you who don’t know, PayMaya is company that provides digital financial services. Through their, users get to pay for goods and services online even when they don’t have a credit card.

It was Ms. Judith Carranza, a friend of mine, and fellow member of the Philippine Association of Professional Speakers or PAPS, who invited me to speak at their office. Their department had a 3-week long “Lunch and Learn” activity, and I was asked to come during their culminating activity on August 10th.

The finale event was nicely themed as a masquerade ball. All of the participants, as well as the speakers, were asked to wear masks during the session.

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On that day, there were two main speakers. I was one, and the other was Ms. Helen Morgan, PhD, owner of Wings Institute of Global Careers, Inc. Her talk was entitled “Distressed? De-Stress!”, and she gave the PayMaya employees tips on how to effectively eliminate stress from their lives.

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I was there to talk about Personal Branding. My session was entitled “Who U?” and during my talk I emphasized the importance of personal branding. There are five components that I focus on for this topic: Visual impact, brand values, goal fulfillment, image management, and self management. I also explained why every person needs personal branding.

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With this talk, my main goal was to encourage each individual to really bring out the better version of themselves. This was the perfect talk for the Lunch and Learn activity of PayMaya because their monthly gatherings are focused on the holistic development of their employees. They aim to improve both the technical skills and the soft skills of their team members.

On the day I was invited, the participants were millennials from their Quality Engineering Team. This team is in charge of conducting all levels of testing and validating on PayMaya products and services before they are placed in production.

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I’m very happy about the positive response that I received from the attendees after my session with them. Many of them felt that the talk was helpful and inspiring. In fact, some even said that they wished we had more time for a more in-depth discussion.

I’d like to share some quotes from the attendees here. These are about the session, and about me as a resource speaker. All of these feedbacks were submitted anonymously by the employees who came.

It is very inspiring to learn how image can help us in the workplace.

Her talk was great. It showed me a whole new perspective on how I see a person through His image.

I really like this part. I was inspired to be a better version of myself because of her.

It helped us define who we are.

Very informative and interesting. Too bad we didn’t have much time to go in-depth on her lectures.

After my time with them, the participants gained greater confidence, poise, and strategic influence. They became empowered  to act as branding role-models, and mentors for others. They said, after the talk, that they experienced improved employee morale, and a boost in their performance.

Here are some scenes from my Personal Branding Session with PayMaya.

Ask yourself, Who U? Do you really know? If you would like my help discovering the answer, and bringing out the best version of yourself, I’m here for you!

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