No More Sneaking Sweets with Slim Snacks

Slim Snacks is a young enterprise that specializes on providing healthy gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar free snacks for people who are health conscious or on a diet. They recently started their operation midyear of 2016. They are available online at Their menu includes the typical cheat snacks many Filipinos love such as cookies, brownies and bread. Even someone who is disciplined and on strict diet can’t resist that.

But what is the deal about refined sugar? Is it really harmful to our health?

Sugar is a sweet, soluble, and short-chained carbohydrate most commonly used as sweetening agent in food preparations. They are derived from different sources and have quite a variety. For example, simple sugars are known as monosaccharides, which include fructose, galactose and glucose. The most commonly used granulated sugar or table sugar is a sucrose–a disaccharide. The sucrose or raw sugar is harvested from sugar canes or sugar beets, which then undergoes a refining process to remove the molasses and produce white sugar. Sugar has wide variety of uses. It is the heart and soul of desserts. It is the holy grail of all sweet lovers. Its uses are not only limited to desserts, but in savory dishes as well. Sugar is a kitchen staple, almost no one can live without it. Its consumption per day exceeds any other kitchen condiments and spices. It is almost impossible to go without sugar.

But here is the catch—there are serious consequences to daily sugar consumption.

“We are born to like sugar.” When all else fails, we try to make everything sweeter just so a child would take his food or medicine. As we grow up, fascination to sweets never stops. Filipino cuisine is mainly seasoned to be salty or sweet. Sugar has a natural analgesic effect on the body and could reduce pain, which makes it addictive. Now that is where the problem arise, because we crave it every now and then.

You see, excessive amounts of sugar could lead to some, if not all, fatal diseases. For example, excessive amount could increase your blood glucose level that consequently leads to diabetes, a disease so rampant in the Philippines. Other diseases caused by excessive amount of sugar are cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, hyperactivity, obesity and tooth decay. These diseases are predominant in our country. This correlation leads to prove that Filipinos have a knack for sweet treats.

But why give up sweets when there is a guiltless and healthier way to eat them? Thankfully, Slim Snacks is providing healthier alternatives to curb our sweet tooth.

Price should be the least of your concerns because Slim Snacks has made their products very affordable.Offering their pastries at a sustainable price is their edge among their competitors. Their Avocado and Sweet Potato Brownies (a personal favorite) starts at 180 pesos per box that contains 6 pieces of 2×2″ brownies! Even with that size, it is low in calories with only 88-150 calories per piece. Oh what a relief Slim Snacks is for Davaoeños!

The brownie collection, their banner product, is a crowd favorite. But their bread and cookies collection also deserve much praise.

My first bite into their freshly baked nutty brownie was heavenly. It was moist and chocolate-y, exactly how a delicious brownie should be. Make sure to keep them refrigerated though to maintain its moist texture.

The bread was also divine! It was so soft and moist. Honestly, it’s like a good slice of white bread, only better. Slim Snacks was able to maintain its tastiness, chewiness and moistness without the gluten and dairy, which are commonly used to bake breads. Gluten and dairy, by the way, are not very helpful to our health. This is why I’m so blown away by this wholesome and paleo bread by Slim Snacks!

Maida Barrientos and Monica Balibay, co-founders of Slim Snacks, saw the scarcity of healthy snacks in the Philippine market. They realized that most diets fail because people loves snacking, and snacking on unhealthy foods. Maida, who is a baker and a reputable online business owner, worked with Monica, a professional performer, foodie and health buff, to address this very concern. They created a solution by providing grab-and-go snacks that are healthy and delicious.

“Our mission is to create and promote great-tasting and healthy gluten free food and pastries for our community, so one could say eating healthy has never been this good.” – Slim Snacks

Paleo dieters and health conscious people rejoice because Slim Snacks is here to stay! With only few high quality products in their niche, their demand for production is quite impressive. It is truly exciting to witness how this Davao-born business will expand in a couple of months.

“You only have one life, if you want to live it fully, then taking good care of your health is key.” – Slim Snacks

As an advocate of all things that help you achieve overall wellness, I highly recommend you try out Slim Snacks’ products and see how it will change the way you snack.

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