Nipa Brew: Filipino Crafted Beer

After a hard day’s work, Pinoys unwind with a bottle of brewski. Nipa Foods and Brew line of Filipino crafted beers aim to help independent and local businesses across the country by using locally sourced ingredients. Crafted beers that are made by small breweries focus on the quality of beer, brewing technique, and flavor.

Nipa Brew’s line of alcoholic beverages includes Tropic Haze, a sweet, fruity flavor that is light and refreshing. I almost forgot it contains 5.5% of alcohol. Drop Zone Indian Brown Ale is a combination of dark chocolate, toasted caramel, and nuts to suit your taste. It’s the perfect pair for barbecue nights! It is more potent than Tropic Haze because it contains more alcohol.

Other flavors include the caramel maltiness, roasted coffee and chocolate of Midnight Blur, the malty yet sweet roasted hazelnut flavor of Bliss Point, and the light and zesty taste of Sun Stoked. You can score these game-changing beers at Landers Superstore outlets.

They also have Mead, a sweet alcoholic drink available in two flavors: Wildflower and Sunflower Honey. For a tropical twist, try Melomel’s four flavors:

  • Bignay
  • Passion Fruit
  • Marang
  • Lipote

Nipa Foods and Brew, a division of Selula Hayagham Corporation, started the business with their best-selling Roasted Cashew Butter Spread. Its creamy texture will go well with the Pinoy hot pandesal or toasted sliced bread. Aside from the Cashew Butter Spread, they also have Chili Garlic Oil to enhance the flavor of your favorite dishes. For healthy snack options, try their Banana and Cashew Trail Mix. 

Currently, Nipa Foods and Brew doesn’t have a physical store. Orders can be placed online through their Facebook page and their website.  A catalog of their products is also available for download.  Delivery fee is  PHP 150.00 for local purchases. Makati residents can pick up their orders at their main office at  9635 Kamagong St. Corner Guijo St. Makati City.



Contact no. 0927 393 6968