Mad about Essential Oils

I attended Scents and Sensibilities talk last February 21, 2017. It’s an Essential Oil 101 talk on everyday health and wellness.  This is by invitation only and I’m blessed to be invited by Ashley Magbanua. I went with our friends Diday Patino and Bles de Guzman. After hearing the testimonies and basic information about different uses and benefits of potent essential oils, without second thoughts, I bought the premium starter kit.

My introduction to essential oils was a breeze.  I was welcomed by friendly and helpful members and they added me in 365EO and Hyper Oilers—these are private Viber Group Chats where you can ask anything and everything about essential oils.  I was also added in an exclusive Facebook group called The Human Body and Essential Oils by Jen O’Sullivan where I get a lot of helpful tips about essential oils.

There are also 2 phone apps that are useful for your essential oils journey which I highly recommend. It has a comprehensive guide on the different essential oils, blends and its benefits and uses, as well as instructions on how to use and apply.

I also attended the “Kanaw it All” Seminar organized by the friendly members of 365EO. It’s a 4-hour seminar, where they taught how to concoct different DIY body and home blends using essential oils. We learned how to make hand sanitizer, food powder, make up remover, bug spray, hand soap, massage oils, immune support, cough and cold support, surface cleaners and more.

I was so excited to use everything I made out of this seminar, especially that my husband always experiences body pains and head ache, as well as my daughter who frequently suffers allergies.  My son also began using the oils for his stomach and head pains.

At home, we always use the diffuser with our favorite essential oil before sleeping and it really helped sleep better.  Since we started to use the air purification blend, we seldom catch air borne diseases.  I always bring with me small bottles of essential oil blends for travel and other personal needs; and my daughter also carries with her some oil blends. I always bring it with me when I go to yoga and fitness gym, and I also put it in my drinking water. After trying the different uses of essential oils, I don’t think I will live without it. This simply is my favorite buddy!

So let me tell you more about my new oily discovery.

According to Wikipedia, Essential oil is a concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing volatile aroma compounds from plants.” Or in simplest terms, the oil extracted from the essence of the plant’s fragrance. It goes through many extraction processes but mainly through distillation. These essential oils are used for its healing properties that improve one’s physical, mental and emotional health.

Essential oils (EO) are used in three ways: topically, aromatically and internally. Topical use of EO is more potent and can safely be applied directly to the skin. In using it aromatically, you can rub the EO between your palms or drop it into a bowl of hot water and inhale the fragrance. Some use a diffuser, to disperse the oil into the air that you breathe. While some ingest the EO directly with water or put drops in their drink or food—however it is important to verify if the EO is safe to take internally before doing so.

It is my goal that through every individual gets to enjoy life to the fullest by embracing the true value of beauty, wellness and style. And to achieve that, we need to take care of our bodies and our environment by using all natural means and products. This is why I highly recommend incorporating Essential Oils in your personal and home arsenal. Personally, I take different essentials oils and use them in all three ways I mentioned. I particularly use Young Living ™ Essential Oils as it has been the forefront in bringing health and wellness through ancient tradition to modern users.

These are some of the benefits that I gained from using the essential oils of Young Living ™:

  • Combat stress for mental and emotional wellness – it helps uplift my spirits through different fragrances that help target what my mental and emotional state need.
  • Improve my physical wellness – their line of dietary EO helps me absorb nutrients and provides antioxidants that bring my body to its optimum health.
  • Enhance my spiritual wellness through my quiet time – it stimulates my senses that allow me to be more in tune with God through my prayer and meditation.
  • Anti-aging, skin and hair care, and also the immune system – since the ancient times, EO has been known to maintain youthful glow while strengthening the immune system of a person.
  • Maintain my home clean and fresh through natural way – I no longer need to use harsh chemical to keep germs and dirt at bay because EO have strong cleaning properties that do the same job in a more natural and safe method.
  • Keep my family and pets healthy – EO offers immune support, energy and vitality not only for me but for everyone in my household.
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Young Living ™ has a wide-range of potent and pure essential oils, oil blends and oil-infused products that target various conditions to enhance one’s overall health and wellness. Knowing which essential oils to use for specific needs can be overwhelming, but through Young Living ™you can discover these properties safely and easily. If you want to know more about Young Living ™ or essential oils in general , and the many benefits it can give you and your family, follow me on FacebookInstagram or subscribe to my blog.