KRI Restaurant In Dumaguete: A Chic Hotspot

If you find yourself in the Siliman University area, you have the perfect opportunity to check out the chic KRI Restaurant. Located along Siliman Avenue, this place serves beautifully plated fusion dishes from 10:30 AM to 9:00 PM daily.

KRI can get really crowded, and because of this service can be a bit slow. It also takes some time before a table becomes available if you come during peak meal time. My tip is for you to plan your visit wisely, and probably come early. I hope that in time their level of service improves, but for now, the fact that their food is delicious is enough.

What really attracted me to KRI Restaurant is how aesthetically pleasing the dishes they serve are.  My main course of choice during my visit was the Genghis Khan Beef with rice. It is a savory meat dish with a mildly spicy sauce. The beef was wonderfully tender, but the sauce wasn’t really a taste I would come back for.

I was also interested to try the Samurai Salmon, another best-seller, but unfortunately it wasn’t available during my visit. I settled instead on the Chicken Strips. These are basically fried strips of chicken served with a marinara sauce. I enjoyed this appetizer, which to me was incredibly delicious.

There are many other dishes you can try off the menu of KRI, some of which can easily become your favorites. Be sure to check them out if you find yourself in Dumaguete.

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