Beyond Seoul: Everland Resort and Yongpyong Ski Resort

Days 3 and 4 of our Korean adventure were actually spent outside of Seoul. On Day 3 we got to explore Everland Resort, and on the fourth day we learned how to ski!

Day 3 – Everland Resort

Everland Resort, a Korean theme park, can be described in one word – Fantastic. The area is huge, and there’s so much to see there that you really need to spend a whole day at the park in order to take it all in. Located only an hour southeast of Seoul by car, it’s easy to get to and should definitely be part of your itinerary when you come to this part of Korea.

The park is divided into four zones. First is the Disneyland-like traditional theme park area with fantasy buildings, exciting rides, typical fairground attractions, restaurants and even live music. Being there in the winter, we got to enjoy the famous Snow Buster Sledge Ride. In this ride, you get pulled up a slope in a tube, and you slide down an exciting course. This was a lot of fun, and something completely new to us Filipinos.

The next portion is the African adventure-type zone. We took the Safari Bus Tour where we got to see, up close and personal, some magnificent animals. There were lions, tigers, hyenas, giraffes, zebras, elephants, and even bears playing in the snow. Some of these are animals that we don’t get to see every day in Manila, so it was nice that we got to encounter them at Everland. Of all the attractions at the theme park, this was our favorite. Be advised that the queue here does get long. We had to wait for 30 minutes, but we were told that in the spring and summer the wait goes beyond an hour.

Everland Resort also has a Carribean Bay, which we were unable to see because swimming is obviously not advisable in the winter. We also missed seeing the parade because of the snowfall. We did, however, wait until evening so we could see the Romantic Illumination. The whole park is lit up in lights, and it is absolutely breathtaking. Words cannot describe just how beautiful this is.

If you want to catch the Romantic Illumination festival at Everland Resort, it typically starts in mid-November and lasts until March. Everland’s shows, features and attractions do change from time to time, so be sure to check out their website before you plan your trip.

Day 4 – Skiing at Yongpyong Ski Resort

Prepare to spend a lot of time at Yongpyong Ski Resort when you go there for a visit. The place is about a 3-hour drive from Seoul, and in order for you to fully maximize your stay there you need to allot at least 6 hours from your day.

This is the place to be for winter sports in Korea, and in fact they will be hosting the 2018 Winter Olympics here. Skiing and snowboarding are the main activities here, and there is also a hotel within the resort should you wish to stay overnight. If you happen to plan your trip during the summer, you can enjoy its golf courses and other leisure activities.

You can rent ski equipment at the resort if you don’t have any of your own. The package includes ski boots, boards and suits. Gloves and goggles are rented separately. To be honest, I found the ski suit and boots to be very uncomfortable and heavy, but the discomfort really disappears once you hit the slopes. Skiing is so much fun, and I’m glad we all got to try it.

When in Yongpyong, don’t forget to ride the gondola or cable car to catch a spectacular bird’s eye view of the resort, and reach the highest point of the mountain. The ride takes about 40 minutes, round trip.

Our final day in Seoul

Our last day in Seoul was spent walking around the city. We had no itinerary, as it was a free day for us. We decided to just walk around Myeongdong Street, which is their fashion district. We also checked out the underground Myeongdong arcade where we had lunch, then finally saw Seoul City Hall. There was an ongoing Recycled Art Festival inside, and we spent a little time there, too.

We left Seoul with happy hearts and memories to last a lifetime. Traveling with the family is always fun, and with proper planning, it can be a great way to beat day to day stress. I can’t wait until our next vacation, and I hope that our trip inspires you to visit the wonderful country of Korea someday.

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Always remember, travel enriches life. It teaches us to enjoy moments, to say goodbye to stress and embrace joy instead. Experience has taught me this, and I’m happy that I get to share my journeys with you now, too. Anytime you need help and tips finding worry-free, budget-friendly places to see, I’m here to help!