Image Branding and Basic Management Skills for MetroDental Branch Heads

MetroDental is the first and largest chain of dental clinics in the Philippines. They have branches all over Metro Manila, Pampanga, Cebu, and Davao. The Chief Operating Officer of MetroDental requested a program on Leadership Development Skills from Radiance Image Consultancy. I explained that it is important to cultivate one’s executive presence as dental professionals to develop leadership skills. Having an Executive Presence is about the person’s ability to influence others with confidence.

A leader who projects confidence is a leader who people want to follow. This shows that the leader is reliable and capable. The subordinates will be able to detect if their leader is confident.

The executives of MetroDental saw the need for this kind of workshop. They knew that there should be a change in the daily operations of the clinics and the management team. The Image Branding and Basic Management Skills Workshop will boost the participants’ confidence. It will also equip them to be efficient at work that will create a work-life balance.

At the end of this 3-day program, participants should be able to:

  • Learn the essence of influence and people management.
  • Assess their leadership style. Learn about alternative leadership approaches, and understand and apply essential management skills. This includes time management, conflict resolution, coaching, and the role of leaders.
  • Understand how to effectively manage communications among peers, direct reports and senior managers. Conduct an effective meeting.
  • Manage unexpected events and incidents.
  • Improve executive presence and project an authentic Personal Brand synergistic with Metro Dental.
  • Boost their morale and confidence in facing daily tasks as managers and in dealing with different types of clients.
  • Dress appropriately by adhering to professional dress codes.
  • Apply the right clothing style, color, and cut.
  • Understand and learn the benefits of professional conduct and business etiquette.
  • Develop Powerful Communication Skills through Body Language and Non-Verbal Communication. This projects a Professional Presence which will help achieve company goals.

The Image Branding and Basic Management Skills was set on August 13, 16, and 17 at the City Garden Hotel. Those who participated in this three-day workshop were associate dentists, dental officers, assistant customer relations manager, front desk supervisor, assistant corp sales managers, and branch heads.

Having this mix of varied levels of work designation was effective. The sessions were more interactive. They were able to understand the nature of each other’s work. They were also made aware of the different challenges that each position or work face on a daily basis. And because of that, they were able to inspire and challenge one another.

I was happy to have shared some inspirational messages to the participants.  Everyone was enlightened on the things they need to improve on. The workshop will serve as an opportunity for them to do well at work. It will also help them grow in the company.

Let me highlight some of the participants’ take away from the workshop.

Your vision should be inspiring & can influence others.” -Dr.Caroline Sy

“Good image is a choice.” -Amy Fondevilla

“Leadership is not about helping yourself but being an inspiration to others.” -Lexus Delos Reyes

“Invest in yourself.” -Marivic Tan

“Start the life-changing attitude now.” -Dr.Jaime Bermudez

After the talk, the participants felt empowered. Since they are health practitioners, their work is technical and they are not exposed to corporate or management issues.  These professionals saw a different side of management. I am also glad to hear that they admitted their need to change for the better, and they are committing to applying the lessons they learned from the workshop.

“I used to lack self-confidence. Now, I am inspired to become a better person. I commit to improving my communication skills.” -Nuelle Bianca Corpus

“I used to only know the basics of image branding. Now, I am confident and commit to continue developing my image.” -Lexus Delos Reyes

“I used to be awkward and graceless. Now, I learned to act gracefully. I also realized I need to be honest with myself and other people. I commit to applying the things I’ve learned.” -Yuni Rey

“I used to be reserved and lacked confidence. Now I am more focused to reassess myself and I commit to being more open and grounded.” -Dr.MJ Mendoza

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