Arlette’s Arsenal to Enhance Filipina Beauty

Since time immemorial women have been using cosmetics to enhance their beauty. From the top of your head, you can probably give me at least 5 known cosmetic brands. Today, more make-up brands and beauty products have emerged and the cosmetics industry has created a life of its own. Just look at the many YouTube make-up tutorials and beauty product features.

What is really great though is how our locally produced cosmetics are becoming competitive in the market. And I’m so happy to share with you one brand that does not only offer quality beauty products but also all-natural.  Friends, let me share with you about Nicole and Strip It Sugaring…

Nicole is a local cosmetic brand created by Arlette Alvarado with two of her friends. Their mission and vision for this business is “To deliver the most effective and innovative locally made products to the modern Filipina.” Nicole cosmetics are made with natural and local ingredients that are first-rate, safe, and well-researched. Their lipstick line is quite impressive and is at par with imported and foreign brands.

Strip It Sugaring is also Arlette’s brainchild which she started selling when she was still in college. It is all natural and handmade with love. It is produced in small batches using ingredients you find in your kitchen.

Strip It kits available at all Sesou Nature Source branches.

Arlette is my sister from a business organization called Network for Enterprising Women (NEW). I am inspired by her determination and focus in making a difference, and inspiring other women and start-up entrepreneurs through her business. Arlette’s business started by selling home-made skin care. A lot of people loved it and they wanted to have their own products—their own business. So she supplied for a few start-ups and got her into trading. As the business grew, she partnered with a few manufacturers to meet the demands of her clients.

Her business taught her to persevere to realize her dreams and be passionate about her craft. She views success as being measured by the change one has made in other people’s lives. Arlette attributes her success to God. She says that everything she has, she owes to God—the dreams God instilled in her heart and the blessing of skills to achieve her dreams. She also credits the growth of her business to her family and friends who have always supported her. But what is remarkable about her is how she sees the value of her detractors because if not for them, she wouldn’t have tried harder.

Arlette also advocates the support for local businesses. She urges people to try more locally-made products and local brands. May it be from her brand or from another. As long as people patronize our local goods, businesses like Nicole and Strip It Sugaring will be able to provide jobs for fellow Filipinos. It is also a socio-enterprise as Arlette’s company also supports charitable Evangelical and Catholic  Christian organizations that provide education for the less fortunate.

Arlette loves creating products. She loves the whole process of it, from researching, picking the raw materials, experimenting, testing and using them. I personally love using her lipstick since it is all-natural. I must say that her products passed my standard and it’s really a must-try. Her products actually are also very affordable. Nicole and Strip it Sugaring may be purchased online in their respective websites and also in

Nicole Lipstick SRP – Php500

Strip It kits SRP – Php130 to Php295

With her creative skills, zeal to help uplift the local cosmetic industry and dedication to God, I won’t be surprised if Arlette comes out with yet another brilliant product that will enhance the Filipina beauty.

If you want to see more of their products, check out their websites:

Nicole Cosmetics

Strip It Sugaring