How Executive Presence Impacts Leadership

Are you a leader who exudes executive presence? When you enter a room, do your subordinates pretend to be busy or avoid eye contact with you? Can your peers vouch for your capability and character? Are you trusted by the top executives for bigger tasks? To help you answer these questions, let us first define executive presence.

Executive presence is the ability of the leader to connect, inspire, and move people to action. It is not limited to physical appearance and presentation skills. Executive presence is an all-encompassing quality of a leader that thrives in an organization or company. A survey conducted on senior executives shows that 26% of the reason for promotion is an executive presence.

Leaders are forerunners. They represent the organization and speak for the company. Their role is to direct others towards one vision. People are looking at leaders or potential leaders who are credible and authentic. They are driven to act because the leader directs them towards one vision.

The question people ask is, “Is this leader worth following?”

The impact of executive presence on leadership is threefold:

  1. Subordinates place confidence in a leader who is reliable, trustworthy, and thus, worth following.
  2. Peers believe in the strength and integrity of a leader.
  3. Top executives see the growth potential of the business or the organization through the leadership.

Executive Presence and Professional Image go hand in hand. However, executive presence is not limited to physical appearance and presentation skills alone. It is a fraction of the total package of an empowered leader. This is evident in the way they carry themselves, how they behave, and how they communicate.

It is a misconception to say that executive presence is innate in every individual. It is a learned and adapted skill.  Thus, a leader needs constant developing and training.  The demand for a Professional Image Consultant who trains leaders on the necessity of having an Executive Presence is increasing. An expert specializing in professional image enhancement in the Philippines uses tools to develop an individual’s professional image through comprehensive personal and professional development training.  At the end of a series of training, the leader will be able to project authority, authenticity, credibility, and humility.

The leader’s improved executive presence helps cultivate positive values to employees. Morale is boosted and increases productivity.  A leader builds rapport with the employees and gains their trust. The leader sets the tone and people follow. As author and speaker, John Maxwell says, “People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision.” 

Again, projecting an executive presence is not a talent but a skill that is learned. Helmut Schmidt said, “The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.” Leaders and potential leaders have this huge room to work on. They have the responsibility to take a hard look at themselves and see what needs to change on a personal and professional level. Progression is the goal and not perfection. Continuous personal and professional development is a necessity.

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