Healthy Meals On-The-Go by Urban Diet Davao

Urban Diet Davao Healthy Meals Delivery Services is not the first one to offer healthy and calorie counted food in Davao City, but it is the first one to succeed in this type of food service business. Started out in 2014, the owner and chef Mrs. Francie Calderon, a culinary student, after being hospitalized for several weeks, had an epiphany to start living a healthier lifestyle. She started replacing her meals with high quality and organic substitutes and people around her started to notice and are influenced to do the same.

“I started Urban Diet in 2014, after I recovered from a serious disease and was confined for 3 weeks in the ICU.  It became an eye opener for me and after that experience, I tried to modify my diet, and eat well-balanced meals, and tried choose the healthier substitutes. I plan, prepare and cook all my meals, and when my friends learned about what I was doing, they asked me to cook for them, then word came out. And the rest is history.” –Mrs. Francie Calderon, owner and chef of Urban Diet

The effect of sickness to us physically, emotionally and mentally, not to mention financially, is not something to be disregarded. We mistakenly take for granted the impact of the food we eat to our health, until we get sick. Health is one concern we should not overlook because it greatly affects not only our families, but also our economy.

How can we ensure that our efforts to a healthier lifestyle would not be in vain? How confident are we that our methods are correct?

Due to the growing number of people that acquire various diseases in this generation, people have become more aware that a healthier lifestyle means a total lifestyle change and not simply a week’s worth of diet. Efforts have been made easier because there are more options available to us. Since individuals are now wiser consumers, business owners need to adapt to these changes. Organic produces are everywhere, ranging from vegetables to meat. Even condiments, spices, canned products and desserts are made organic! People can now have easy access to organic products because it is made available in local groceries.

But would consuming organic be really sustainable? While it would be ideal, not many can do it. A typical student or employee would rather eat fast and convenient food than spend time preparing meals. Parents who are busy taking care of the family can barely take care of themselves. And some individuals can only improve their lifestyle for a season and then revert back easily to their old eating habits. Meaning the time and effort to prepare meals using organic and whole ingredients may not be readily accepted by many.

So what then? Do we spend the rest of our lives eating food that is less than ideal? You don’t have to. The answer? Urban Diet Meals.

Urban Diet will provide you with a full day’s meal for five whole days covering your busiest days of the week for good. With delectable meals and carefully calorie counted dishes, what better way to eat right without the fuss? With prices that’s just about right and delivery services provided, accessibility to wholesome food that is  fast, convenient and tasty is now offered to you.

However, the Filipino palate is quite a challenging one. Filipinos are actually picky eaters with a mix of traditional and exotic taste. A Filipino eater constantly seeks for something new try. Suffice it to say that a Filipino’s appetite can be sporadic. And that can be a complex challenge to food deliver services like Urban Diet.

Urban Diet has studied this trend and have discovered ways to satisfy our cravings. They offer different menus weekly! Not only limiting themselves to Filipino cuisine, but also offering international dishes. They are not afraid to explore and create unique food selections, all while keeping faithful to the calorie count required and quality of the meal.

Urban Diet Meals also accept personalized requests from their clients. They catering not only to a specific type of diet but to a diverse community of health buff and dieters. They found importance in listening and communicating to their clients’ needs and wants. Unlike most healthy food delivery services, they extend their service beyond what is expected of them. And this kind of customer service always wins me over. Preciseness and listening to feedback are major aspects for these businesses for these will affect the quality of service they provide and the impact of their meals to the health of their customers. And Urban Diet ensures that this is a priority for them.

“We are very flexible and we adjust as must as possible to personalize every order. If they like more vegetables, we adjust. If they don’t like beef or pork, we also change the menu for them.” –Mrs. Francie Calderon, owner and chef of Urban Diet

 I have tried a one-month program and requested for a daily 1,200 calorie meal plan for 5 days. I also requested for a “no meat” meal and simply fish and vegetables. I know this meticulous detail can be quite a hassle since they plan out their weekly menu at least a week in advance. Yet they happily accommodated my special request without any additional fee. This personalization truly made me feel valued as a customer and made me excited to try all their meals.

They deliver your meal orders the night before you need to consume it. So since my meal request was a 5-day complete meal that starts on a Monday, they delivered it to me by Sunday night. The delivery was on time and the food arrived okay. They are so accommodating that when I requested for the first meal to be delivered early morning of Monday instead, they were very much willing to comply without additional charges. Just a tiny detail to improve on food handling though, since some food spilled a little when it was delivered to me. But overall, I received great customer service from Urban Diet.

The food arrived in microwavable containers. So whether you eat it at home or take it out as a packed meal, it is hassle free. And re-heating is a breeze since you just pop it in a microwave for a few minutes and you are good to go. The food also tasted great! Even though it was delivered a night earlier and was re-heated, their menu is simply flawless and savory. The only downside is the snacks. Though they are included in the calorie count, they were simple treats that you can easily buy at the grocery. The snacks are more likely convenient to curb mid-day hunger and cravings. Other than that, Urban Diet indeed made calorie counting diet super easy and fun for me.

*All photos are from Urban Diet Meals gallery.

Here at, I always aim to inform my readers about how to keep themselves healthy to improve their overall wellness. Food, after all, is one of the major factors in coping from an illness or even everyday stress. And I’m very happy to discover and share finds such as Urban Diet Meals so you can have your required intake of calories without breaking a sweat. So go and contact Urban Diet Meals now and try their calorie-counted and paleo food selections.

Urban Diet Healthy Meals has no physical store and is only available for delivery with its contact details listed below:

Mobile and Viber number: 0912-900-7777


Instagram: @urbandietdavao