Go Healthy with Green Bounty

The abundance of unused land surrounding Davao City is vast, and only a few people put those lands to good use. Green Bounty is one of the companies that invested on land and were able to produce something great out of it. Owners Minda Gonzales and Dr. Ernie Gonzales started farming in 2009, breeding high-bred native chickens they called DAVOC—an acronym for Davao organic chicken, and venturing into organic farming of lettuce, kale, herbs, tomatoes and bell peppers. Organic farming is farming without the use of harmful chemicals to aid the growth of the produce. Unlike other chemical-laden crops, Green Bounty’s harvest will let you enjoy the taste of fresh and healthy produce.

Now with their overflowing abundance of organic crops, Mrs. Gonzales decided to preserve them by making pasta sauces, pesto and sundried tomatoes. This gave birth to Green Bounty.

As we all know Filipinos are very agreeable with preserves. We like everything to be convenient, including our food. And with the rise of cooking premixes and artificial flavorings, we should be more diligent in choosing what we buy and use. Although convenience is highly coveted these days, we should never sacrifice our health for an instant meal. That is where Green Bounty comes in—by providing freshly canned organic produce to the consumers. They have given us an option to go for healthier substitutes than the ones we commonly see at the supermarkets.

Craving for red pasta? Want to impress your guests at your next party? Then try their Bolognese or Arrabbiata pasta sauce. It would surely get all praises from your family and friends without subjecting you to long hours of labor in the kitchen. You simply heat up the sauce and add to your cooked pasta and viola! You now have a wonderful spaghetti to serve! A plus that you know they are organic and safe for everyone to enjoy.

They are also known to supply fresh produces such as lettuce, kale, herbs, and organic pesto and pasta sauces. Green Bounty frequently joins bazaars, and they supply NCCC Mall of Davao City (one of the leading grocery store in Davao city) with their products.

Green Bounty’s commitment to organic and healthy living is admirable. They are not only producing organic produce to the market, but they are also walking their talk. After starting their organic farming, they also committed to incorporating it in their daily lifestyle. They became conscious of the negative consequences the chemical-laden produces have, and they encourage consumers as well to choose an organic lifestyle.

Of Green Bounty’s available produce and products, kale was the one that caught my eye. Kale could be associated with lettuce because both are leafy and yet they are a completely different produce. Kale or leaf cabbage belongs to the species Brassica Oleracea, which includes common food cultivars such as cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. Unlike lettuce, kale has to be cooked or steamed before consumption because of its undesirable bitter flavor. Kale has higher calcium and fiber content than lettuce. Calcium is good for the bones and fiber contributes greatly on regular bowel movement. This makes kale ideal for children and women, because most women suffer from calcium deficiency as they age, and children requires it for growth support. Also, because of its high fiber content it is beneficial to those who suffer constipation. Kale is common and readily available in other places but not in Davao City—not until Green Bounty introduced it to our consumers. Green Bounty further made the availability of Kale in Davao City by frequently joining bazaars and supplying grocery stores.

Green Bounty’s other products include organic pesto, pasta sauces and salad dressings.

It would be a crime to combine a lovely and chemical-free salad with a non-organic dressing! Better go with organic dressings and vinaigrettes to accompany your fresh garden salad. Green Bounty has quite a selection for that—ranging from caesar salad dressing to mango infusion—they have options for whatever your tastebuds fancy.

My personal favorite is the Arrabbiata and Italian pasta sauce.

The first time I have tasted this sauce I was immediately in awe! The sweetness and freshness of the tomatoes fuses well with the spices combined to make this beautiful pasta sauce. And did I mention the freshness of the tomatoes is to die for? I know this is a canned product but the freshness of the sauce is quite undeniable. The quantity of tomatoes is not skimped on as well. This sauce is not just some crushed tomatoes blended with other mixes to make it appear plenty. This sauce is made with real and whole chunks of tomatoes! It was sweet, peppery and earthy and so versatile. This sauce will also keep well when refrigerated. I truly enjoyed this pasta sauce!

Tomatoes are a good source of antioxidants, which helps our body eliminate the toxins accumulated from poor food choices and unhealthy lifestyle. You can sure get a good dose of antioxidants from this sauce. This is also a very versatile sauce because it could be used in pizzas and breads as well! I believe this should be a pantry staple and for sure the entire family will love it.

Green Bounty also offers quality fresh lettuce for your salads and other dietary needs.

Green Bounty’s long term goal is to have a café that serves and provides their produce to the consumers. With their passion and dedication to organic farming and living, we are sure that this vision is not too far away. Until then, let’s all enjoy the beautiful, delicious and healthy salads, meals and juices they offer during their bazaar events.

“Going organic is not a trend it is merely going back to our past practices.”- Green Bounty

Being an advocate of health and wellness, I am glad to see more and more “farm to table” businesses are emerging. This means Filipinos are now becoming more mindful of what they eat and more intentional of their overall health. So let me just say… thank you Lord for Green Bounty!

Green Bounty has no physical store and only available for pick-up and delivery. Should you like to try out their products, here is their contact information below:

Address: 19 Diamond St. Ecoland Phase 4, Matina, Davao City, Philippines, 8000 Matina, Davao City, Philippines

Contact Numbers: (082) 2840415 | (0923) 5948140 | 2864629 | (0932) 3153572

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/greenbountyorganics/?fref=ts&ref=br_tf