Executive Presence for Medical Professionals

When you enter the doctor’s office, what is the first thing you notice about the doctor? It is their manner of dressing and communication skills, right? Second, you observe the doctor’s demeanor and body language. These things comprise a medical professional’s executive presence.

Doctors invest their time and money on upgrading their skills. They also buy the latest technology to assist in their practice. There is one investment that doctors seem to overlook. And that is investing in their professional image and appearance.

Oath to self and others

Medical professionals have taken the Hippocratic Oath. They swore to treat the sick to the best of their abilities, keep the privacy of their patients, and not cause harm to anyone. But they are also expected to act, look, and adhere to professional standards.

As I have always mentioned in my workshops and blog articles, Executive Presence is not innate. This is a learned skill that is not developed overnight. Seeking the help of a professional image strategist can help a doctor learn this new skill. Investing in a personal coach will help lead you to a successful medical practice.

Aside from personalized training, attending seminars and reading books on Executive Presence can help.

How will doctors benefit from Executive Presence?

  • It creates a positive first impression
  • It helps convey competence, trustworthiness, and credibility
  • It creates rapport with patients and colleagues
  • It is an instant confidence booster to self and patients
  • It improves reputation and expands the network
  • It instantly establishes your reputation

Although doctors provide service, their profession is also their business. When they invest in enhancing their image and appearance, their return of investment is almost immediate. Doctors can employ their Executive Presence as an effective marketing tool.

When doctors have mastered Executive Presence they become leaders who impact others, they create a positive patient experience, and they increase their productivity level.

Discover how to hone your Executive Presence as a medical practitioner. The elements of Executive presence are in you. Let me help you discover and unleash it to achieve your fullest potential.

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