5 Ways to Sustain a Minimalist Beauty Lifestyle

Minimalist Beauty Lifestyle is a journey of becoming intentional in what you allow into your life. It is discovering the freedom you have in letting go of anything that will corrupt you and focusing on living out your purpose, values, and life-giving priorities. I have personally gone through the process of becoming a “minimalist beauty queen,” and I’m still a work in progress. This is why I feel strongly about this advocacy because I also want to guide other women to achieve their minimalist beauty lifestyle.

So now that you understand what minimalist beauty lifestyle is all about, you are finally decided to do this immediately. Then, you will excitedly begin to de-clutter things from your home, your workplace, your heart and mind, and basically do a general cleaning of everything in your life. The momentum to follow through with the minimalist beauty lifestyle journey will turn out so well, until…

In the middle of the year you begin to slack in keeping at it, then you start to feel unenthusiastic, and slowly you find yourself defaulting to your cluttered lifestyle once again.

As with anything good that you do, it is always vital that you start well and finish strong. So how can we live a minimalist beauty lifestyle and sustain it throughout our lives?

Here are 5 ways you can follow…

  1. Practice self-care. YOU are the most important factor in this minimalist beauty lifestyle journey. Hence, taking care of “you” is highly essential. How will you sustain a lifestyle if the one living it is not cared for nor nurtured? So what are the ways that will make you feel good and tranquil; go ahead and pursue that. If you need a really good massage, schedule one. Take a leave from work if you need a restful sleep after long and grueling hours finishing a project. Be mindful of what you feed your body, mind, and soul. Laugh and enjoy going out with family and friends. Remember that self-care is foremost to sustain this minimalist lifestyle.
  2. Pursue living for eternal goal. Always re-calibrate your choices with eternity in mind. Will this kind of endeavor eventually lead you and others to God? Are the things you are purchasing making you love the world more or is it preventing you from becoming generous to others? Focus on the benefits of minimalist beauty lifestyle which will bring inspiration to you and to others, and will allow you to leave a legacy that will continue on to the next generation. Having this kind of mindset also helps you not to compare yourself with other minimalists, hence avoiding the feeling of envy or ineffectiveness.
  3. Promote your new found lifestyle. Let your family and friend know about your minimalist lifestyle goal.  Seek their support and agree together. Talk about the benefits with the whole family and discuss how you can all encourage each other to sustain this lifestyle. Help them perceive with an eternal value as you de-clutter many areas in your life. Tell your friends about your goal to minimize so that they will refrain from giving you things that are really unnecessary. Let them know about what matters to you most and that you will appreciate their thoughtfulness in giving you something you truly need.
  4. Possess the confidence of living a minimalist beauty lifestyle.
    Stay confident in the lifestyle you have chosen. When others see that you are convinced in keeping a minimalist life, they will begin respecting your decisions and they may even seek your opinion if they do want to practice the same lifestyle. This confidence you have will be a compelling force that will help you carry on in your journey of minimalism. It is even best that you anchor your confidence in God himself.
  5. Praise and affirm yourself in every little success.
    Minimalist beauty lifestyle is not an overnight transformation. Every small progress is worth celebrating. It is when you praise and affirm yourself with every little victory in letting go the bad and letting in the good that you will feel more driven to continue what you have started in this journey. You are your own cheerleader in this path to becoming a minimalist beauty queen.

Our minimalist beauty lifestyle should not only last a season, but it must be our way of living all throughout our existence. This is not a fad that we will just follow because everyone is doing it, but may it be the method wherein we will attune ourselves with, especially that in this lifetime, clutter would keep finding its way back into our lives. It is never a walk in the park, but with God’s help, you can sustain it and the life you’ve always wanted will manifest itself. This is the true value of living a minimalist beauty lifestyle, so we can simplify and shine!