Empowered and Confidently Beautiful Army Wives

On June 7, 2018, I gave a talk on Social Graces and Etiquette to the Philippine Army Wives. The invitation was from Ms. Evangeline C. Torres, President of the Philippine Army Officers’ Ladies Club, Inc. (PAOLCI). Last year, I had the privilege of being their speaker at one of their activities.

I love how the club formatted this year’s seminar like a talk show. The two hosts, Ms. Josephine Gonzales and Ms. Margaret May Alojipan Ga sat on the couch with each speaker. The other speakers were Major Cyril Santander who spoke about Military Protocol. Then, there was Ms. Cory Quirino who spoke on Wellness. While a representative from Stylist in a Pocket talked about Body Image. The army wives had a mini fashion show to highlight this presentation.

When it was my turn to present, the hosts asked me why etiquette and social graces are important to army wives. It was my cue to start my presentation on the 5 Secrets to having Good Etiquette.

Good manners define who you as a person. While etiquette is what makes you socially acceptable. Etiquette is a choice. It helps you gain respect and create a good and lasting impression on others. Etiquette is how you treat others and how you touch every aspect of their lives.

I shared with the ladies that as wives we should be setting a good example to our husbands and children. I encouraged them to be a source of inspiration for their husbands who serve in the military and the country. And that they can be role models as well to their children.

The way they behave and conduct themselves in front of other people reflects their character and what they value. Behavior reveals the true condition of the heart. When they practice good etiquette, they help make others feel good. I reminded them to treat others the way they want to be treated.

I shared with them why I love teaching about etiquette. It is because it gives me a sense of responsibility and accountability to say and do things that will only glorify God. I glorify God when I practice good etiquette. Etiquette helps you become humble, allows you to control your emotions, and to be mindful. This for me is real beauty– your ability to inspire others by being selfless.

The talk on Etiquette is appropriate for the army wives. Some are married to high-ranking officials. They need to learn how to conduct themselves with confidence and poise. They also need to know the appropriate clothes to wear. And also, how to present themselves in front of other people.

Here are some of the participants’ feedback on my talk, Empowered and Confidently Beautiful Army Wife.

Ms. Toni said that we have to be confidently beautiful inside and out.

I realized and learned that I have to be inspired to inspire others. I will be able to inspire my kids, my husband, and others as well. When God’s love radiates in us we will be beautiful inside and out. -Suzette Abarita

I was so grateful to have attended the seminar and again this year. Ms. Toni Miranda delivered an amazing lecture. She shared with us the Power of Listening and I learned how to be a good listener. I want to be a good listener so I can understand others more especially the military wives. – Gemma Bual

For me, it is what you are and not what you say that matters. I was touched by her experiential narration and her approach on how to do good, look good, and feel good. Her approach to the total personhood, which is the Body, Mind, Spirit. – Margaret May Ga

I was really inspired by her advocacy and life purpose. I was so inspired by her ‘Why’, which is to be an inspiration and not an irritation. I have been a believer of speakers who inspire and influence people especially by empowering women. I am challenged to find my ‘why’ and to love myself. -Alma Tolentino

Listening to Toni gave me hope. Thank you for giving us the confidence again. I will never get tired listening to you. I realized that worldly treasures are temporary but if you make Jesus the center of our lives, we will be satisfied. – Lorelei Grapa

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