Developing Executive Presence for Renros Industries Agri Corporation

I received an invitation from the president and general manager of RENROS Industries Agri Corporation, Ms. Lynette Quebral-Rosete. Lynette is a friend and colleague at BNI. Renros Industries specializes in providing turn-key solutions in the agricultural industry. They are your partner in process innovations and offer a complete line of post-harvest facilities. They provide and install Unloader, Dryer, Silo, Cooler, Bagging Equipment, Conveyor, and Bucket Elevator.

They are the authorized provider and installer of ELLO Electric Infrared Heater. They are also the leading supplier and installer of Grain Silos for Bulk Grain Storage Facility and Poultry Farm Equipment. They also offer a Complete product line for broiler and breeder farm.

Because of the nature of their business, their employees have been accustomed to wearing simple and rugged clothes to work. Lynette felt that the department heads and senior managers need to change the way they present themselves. The goal was to create a powerful presence in them and boost their confidence. They need to feel empowered in the way they dress, communicate, and behave in front of their clients.

The two-day seminar on the Power of Executive Presence was held on August 2 and 3, 2018 at the Discovery Suites. On the first day, one of my team members noticed that the participants needed help. They looked stressed and lacked confidence. I was confident that the program I designed would counter that.

The program included topics on Image Management, Communication Techniques, and Personal Branding. This will help boost their confidence. At the end of the program, the participants should be able to:

  • Develop their executive presence by projecting an authentic personal brand.
  • Boost their confidence as leaders at work especially when dealing with clients.
  • Become role-models to others
  • Improve relationships with their colleagues and subordinates
  • Follow and adhere to professional dress codes
  • Practice professional conduct and business etiquette
  • Develop powerful Communication Skills through body language and non-verbal cues

Day 1 was about unleashing their potential through the power of Image Branding.

Day 2 focused on building relationships through the power of etiquette and non-verbal techniques.

On the second day, I was glad to see the participants improve in appearance and the way they dress. I was very pleased to see that most of them followed my advice.

The last part of the program was about sharing their testimonies. It warms my heart to hear that the talk changed not only their appearance but also their hearts as well. I shared my life testimony with them and mentioned that GOD is now a big part of my life. He is my source of confidence and beauty.

Let me share with you some feedback from the participants

I used to see myself as a barren field. But now my thinking has changed. I learned a lot from this seminar. Now, that barren field has new crops growing.

I used to be not mindful of how I look, my choice of clothes, my workplace, and everything else. My reason was that it doesn’t matter because it won’t change anything. I have become aware now that it has a great impact on other people. I learned from the program that to show others a solid message that I want to convey, I need to start with myself before they could follow.

I used to be always late. Today, I learned to manage my time well. It is good to be always early.

In the two-day seminar provided by Radiance Image Consultancy, I can say that it was a big help to us. We learned how to reach our goal, how to look good, and to have a good image. It is very important to share this knowledge to other companies who also want to help their employees.

The class picture on Day 1

The class picture on Day 2

Watch the highlights of the two-day The Power of Executive Presence training program for Renros Industries.

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