Developing Executive Presence for Manulife Philippines South Luzon Region Leaders

I had the opportunity to speak with the leaders of the Manulife South Luzon Region on October 11, 2018, in Manulife Sta. Rosa. Radiance Image Consultancy received an invitation from General Manager, Ms. Genevir Vitasa. She invited me to be a speaker at one of their weekly meetings. Thursday meetings are about company updates, promos, and announcements. They also have in-house training or invite other speakers.

Manulife Financial Corporation sold its first insurance policy Philippines in 1901. That opened to door to establishing Manulife Philippines in 1907. Today, Manulife continues to be the leader in the life insurance industry.

Ms. Vitasa’s goal was to help leaders level up their leadership skills and image branding. The workshop on developing Executive Presence will answer her needs. What is Executive Presence and how does it impact leadership? Know more about its importance here.

Leaders are not born but made. People can become leaders through the process of teaching, learning, and observing. Leadership is a process of developing a set of skills over time. Proper training, attitude, practice, and experience are the keys to developing this skill.

The leader in training or seasoned leader must first determine his or her “Why”. Why do you do the things you do? Only then will the leader see the value of having an executive presence in leadership.

Leadership is also evident in the image projected. A good image is a choice. In the same way, that good appearance and practicing good etiquette are choices too. Other people see how a leader chooses to have a good image. They see this in the leader’s appearance, behavior, communication skills, and digital presence. These factors contribute to the credibility, integrity, and authority of the leader.

The leader’s personal image communicates a louder message. This message can either encourage or discourage a follower.

In the end, I also shared my story of how I was able to develop a strong executive presence. The kind of presence that exudes in me and sustains me is God-confidence. I tap into this to help inspire other leaders.

Allow me to share feedback from some of the participants.

I realized that I don’t need to spend more on luxury like bags. I also need to invest in myself. – Gen Vitasa

One thing that I really love is how she focused on God. As a leader, I believe we really need to focus on God, learn from God’s word and draw from her experience as well. – Jed Gregorio

It doesn’t matter if you are a leader or not as long you are in a position to influence people, definitely, you need a lot of help from the Executive Branding. – Lala Garcia


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