Executive Presence Talk with Green Circle Realty

Last July, I was invited to speak by by Mr. Gabriel “Billy” Dominguez, owner of Green Circle Realty. Green Circle Realty is a real estate marketing company that sells affordable quality homes in Cavite—specifically located in Carmona, Bacoor, Imus, Kawit, and General Trias. Their mission is to help middle and above-middle income earners acquire affordable quality homes, and providing decent income opportunity to enterprising individuals. They also offer a special training program for enterprising individuals who want to earn unlimited income by selling affordable, quality homes.

Billy Dominguez and I both belong to BNI Makati Genesis Chapter and (PAPS) Philippine Association of Professional Speakers, and he has asked me to come to their July General Manager’s Meeting to speak about “Executive Presence.”

Since Green Circle Realty is in the business of selling houses, it is important that every one of their sales person meet their clients with an “Executive Presence.”

Executive Presence is designed to help individuals have the right tools to sharpen their image. As an image consultant, I get to teach them how to have professional image branding, connect to clients and their team with excellent behavior and communication skills, and lead them how to have higher levels of productivity and performance.

The goal of this talk is to create confidence in them and have a positive image to increase their credibility, influence, and communication skills that leaves a powerful impression on others, especially to their clients and team mates.

It was quite timely that I was invited to this meeting, which coincided with their 12th Anniversary Celebration. According to Billy Dominguez, he meets his team every first week of each month to give his sales team recognition for all their hardwork the past month, cascade updates about the company, provide bonding opportunity for the team members, and receive new learnings on special topics that will be beneficial to the team and the work they do.

I spoke to 250 attendees who are sales directors, sales managers, and sales associates from various ages and demographics. I taught them how to improve their executive presence and project an authentic personal brand that is connected to their company. This includes boosting their morale and confidence in doing their task as sales people through utilizing power dressing, effective communication, and business etiquette and professionalism in their client meetings or company presentations. Many of them appreciated what I shared to them and were inspired with the success stories of those who did Executive Presence program. They also look forward to gaining more confidence and to be a compelling real estate agent of Green Circle Realty through Radiance Image Consultancy seminar opportunities.

How the employees or agents represent the company matters greatly in your business identity and growth. Carrying an executive presence in every given opportunity to pitch sales provides a bigger chance for your sales team to get your clients to do business with you.

 If you want your group or company to learn more about Executive Presence, we can help you put your organization’s vision and values into a visual representation through your people. Our approach strives to be highly interactive, with activity based experiential learning, so that participants grasp new concepts in a fun and safe-learning environment. Contact us at Radiance Image Consultancy today.