BUKIDNON MILK COMPANY: Local Dairy Milk We Can Be Proud Of

Bukidnon Milk Company is a young but highly capable company that aims to provide authentic fresh milk locally—and eventually globally—at an affordable price. They offer fresh, close-to-raw cow’s milk for the benefit of their consumers’ over-all health. Their products may be purchased at their store located at 726 Veloso St., Barrio Obrero, Davao City and in local bazaars within the region. Aside from providing quality milk, their advocacy is to educate people about real fresh milk and its benefit to our wellness.

The accessibility of this wholesome milk in Davao and in neighboring cities has somewhat made the product a common “organic” produce. The convenience in purchasing their product encourages others to buy organic milk instead. Bukidnon Milk Company aims not only for the modern Filipino to choose organic milk, but also to educate them why it is a better choice for our health. Patronizing Filipino farmers as they achieve their goals, indeed there is more to Bukidnon Milk Company than just milk.

“We believe in promoting milk that is natural and locally produced, offering a more nutritious option than the highly processed milk that is available commercially. We aim to provide Filipinos 100% premium farm-fresh milk that is deliciously creamy, nutrient-rich and something they could be proud of.” – Jerome Yeo, Vice President Marketing and Sales Bukidnon Milk Company

What is then the big difference of Bukidnon Milk Company’s fresh milk from store-bought fresh milk? Milk that is commonly available in the market is highly processed milk. Most milk products, if not all, are Ultra High Temperature (UHT) treated milk, which means it is heated at above 280 °F for at least two seconds. This process increases product shelf life to 6 months, however, removes all the nutrient content and gives the milk a burnt taste.

Bukidnon Milk Company makes use of light pasteurization in ensuring that their raw milk is safe from harmful bacteria and pathogens. Light pasteurization is the process of heating the milk to 71-74 degrees Celsius for 15 seconds. This keeps all the nutrients, namely calcium, protein, riboflavin, and vitamin B21 intact, and retains the natural creamy flavor of fresh milk. This type of pasteurization is the closest taste you can get to raw milk without all the nasty pathogens that come with it.

What better way to enjoy milk and get full benefits of it than buying the freshest and purest form, right? The necessity of milk to our daily consumption comes second to our need for water. Adults and children highly benefit from drinking milk. For example, children over 24 months of age are advised to regularly drink milk to support their overall health and growth. Milk is rich in calcium and Vitamin D, key vitamins and minerals responsible for bone growth and health. Vitamin D also helps children avoid diseases. Adults also benefit from these because vitamin D insufficiency could lead to diseases such as diabetes, cancer and multiple sclerosis. An increase in calcium intake would benefit in the prevention of developing hypertension, kidney stones, insulin resistance, cancer and even lead poisoning. With that said, it is very important to filter and choose well the quality of milk we are serving our family. Gladly, Bukidon Milk and Company has the same thing in mind and puts quality above all else during their manufacture.

The farm where they raise the cows for fresh milk is situated in Maramag, Bukidnon.

However, fresh milk is unfortunately viewed as an expensive product here in the Philippines, which leads most consumers to opt for powdered (reconstituted) milk. This milk however, is different from fresh milk.

“We must highlight that these products are different from real fresh milk, which consumers here in the Philippines see as an expensive, hard to attain product. This is what we want to change. We want to make real, fresh milk more accessible by widening our retail reach, producing more yet still be at a reasonable price point, to give our clients a quality product that they deserve.”-  Jerome Yeo, Vice President Marketing and Sales Bukidnon Milk Company

Bukidnon Milk company has yet the freshest cow’s milk to offer. They are available in two sizes, 1L and 200mL bottles, at PHP100 and PHP35 respectively. Their future projects include the production of other dairy products such as flavored milk, yogurt, ice cream and cheese.

Personally, I find their milk tastier and better than store-bought fresh milk. The taste is not so sweet in comparison with other commercial milk readily available in the super market. It was fresh—so fresh, I could literally feel the freshness of the farm air where the cows were bred. The taste was also deep and personal, that I could assume this milk was crafted carefully and with thoughtful diligence. The creaminess of this milk is not heavy rather it was light and refreshing. I could really substitute it for water. That’s how light the milk is. This is a plus for children and adults alike, making the consumption of milk an everyday treat. And since Toni.ph is also an avenue where I share how we can live a healthy life and achieve overall wellness through the products we consume, I want others to know that we have a healthier alternative than the mainstream milk choices we have in the markets.

The staff is friendly and ready to accommodate any concerns you may have, ranging from the product itself, availability dates and delivery schedules.

Bukidnon Milk Company’s price entry is competitive, giving them an edge in their local market. Their milk products sell out fast not only because of its price but also for its many health benefits. They also offer home delivery service with a minimum of PHP300 worth of order. They restock their milk at the store in Obreo Street, mainly on Wednesdays and Fridays. With an advocacy that serves the public rather than themselves, Bukidnon Milk Company shows a bright and long future ahead of them.

Bukidnon Milk Company has one pick-up branch, available for home delivery and is frequent at bazaars. You may choose from any of their following offers:

Premium Fresh Milk

  • 1 Liter – 100 pesos SRP
  • 200mL – 35 pesos SRP

So go get your dairy fix now and keep your body strong and healthy with some good and tasty Bukidnon Milk.


Door 3 YLS Building 726 Veloso St. Barrio Obrero, Davao City

Contact Numbers: (082) 3216426 | (0998) 9900350

Instagram: @Bukidnonmilkco

Email: bukidnonmilkco@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/bukidnonmilkco/about/?ref=page_internal

Website: bukidnonmilkcompany.com

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