5 Things We Loved About The AICI Philippine Chapter EDUCON

April 11 and 12, 2018 were two days well-spent with my fellow image consultants here in the Philippines at the the AICI Philippine Chapter Education Conference. The amazing learning experience, which took place at SEDA Hotel BGC, was filled with information. We learned the best practices in offering corporate image consulting programs, like new workshop ideas and trends from corporate clients, as well as tips on expanding the business to international opportunities.

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Certified Image Professional, Personal Branding Expert, author and SWET Master Trainer, Sheila Wong from Malaysia, selflessly shared her wisdom and experiences in a session entitled “Winning Corporate Clients for Professional Trainers”. It was an absolute pleasure to have her grace the occasion, and a complete honor to have learned from her.

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I would like to share the 5 things we loved about this course:

1. The Power of Intention

As Image Consultants, all participants have one common goal: To help people excel in life, and empower them to develop to their fullest potential. Guided by our core values and intentions, Sheila helped us plan and execute a roadmap towards our aspirations. Each of us shared our goals for the next year, 5 years, and even as far as 10 years.  Identifying these goals will not only help us stay focused, but also more intentional in developing effective strategies in pursuing them. This includes building our credibility by being visible in the marketplace through unique and effective ways. The exercise allowed us to learn more about the heart of our fellow image consultants, and hearing each of their plans made us all feel a bit emotional.

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2. The Power of “Edutaining”

There was no idle moment during the 2-day Educon.  The exercises helped us develop powerful opening questions, create educational and entertaining workshop activities relating to our subject, and easy to follow programs that end with a powerful debrief.  These have equipped us to be more effective in engaging our audience.

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3. The  Power of Client Acquisition and Retention

With the help and wisdom coming from Shiela’s personal sharing, we had a comprehensive brainstorming session on identifying and doing research on our entry points into our ideal market, how to position and gain momentum, and how to deal with clients, service providers, buyers and other contacts. Sheila also taught us the value of visible Training outcomes, feedback from participants, strong relationships, leasing the user, and how all these can help grow our business.

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4. The Power of Being Open

We all agreed that we gain immense satisfaction from seeing how our work contributes to a person’s growth and the fulfillment of purpose-driven lives.  Sheila has instilled in our hearts the importance of being open – Having a state of mind and heart open to new ways, having the humility to learn from others, and being grateful in applying what we have learned to grow further, not just for our business, but also for our own selves and the AICI.

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5. The Power of Love

Sheila perfectly stated the intention for the entire conference, which was entitled, Winning Corporate Clients. Be it helping your client, your industry friends or your support group (AICI), we continuously “move forward with love”.  Thus, we aim to create, collaborate and grow, and not to compete. Our unconditional love for each other will naturally drive us to “continue to help and continue to grow”.

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We closed the 2-day event with a memorable graduation program, a ceremonial toast, and a fellowship dinner. At the end, our hearts were truly filled with gratitude, love, and joy!

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The members, the industry, and the AICI Philippine chapter embrace these 5 powerful learnings as we continue to serve and continue to bring a higher level of certified image consultants, off to change the world.  If you would like to meet us or join our organization, send me a message here or through my image consulting website https://radianceimageconsultancy.com.