Working with an Image Consultant

In a world that is more connected than ever, reaching certain heights in life such as professional employment, closing a business deal, or revitalization of old relationships is no longer just about beating the competition, it’s about the quality of your connections and how your visual, verbal, and nonverbal communication is interpreted by your audience.

Today, image consulting is no longer just for models, politicians, movie stars, or actors. Even seemingly ordinary people can go a long way with the right set of traits and characteristics—internal and external—which all combine to create a person’s unique identity.

Personal Change is Always Possible

There are many factors influencing a person’s identity. These can include upbringing, the quality of the environment, and even mindset, which can all be modified in one way or another. In fact, anyone can make remarkable changes with the help of an image professional.

Not everyone can have the charisma of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah who is very much beloved in Brunei, or the looks of Ivanka Trump, a businesswoman and fashion model, or the mixture of award-winning acting skills and charming physical appearance of Tom Cruise. But people can be their own unique brand that is set apart from the crowd, a celebrity in their own communities.

Going through a personal makeover is like figuratively transforming oneself from being overweight into becoming slim by consistent and persistent efforts in the gym. You know you are no longer your former self, brought about by your physical change so you assume your new role as that person: a genuine change for the better. While change can seem uncomfortable at first, real transformation occurs when an individual adapts to the personal and physical adjustments suggested by an image professional.

Have you ever asked yourself why you would choose to be overshadowed by others when you can stand out yourself?

Who are Image Consultants?

While most people have had their parents as their first image consultants as a growing child, not all moms and dads are educated enough to know the specialized principles in proper grooming and etiquette to help their child—or can they always groom themselves as role models to their children.

This gap is where certified image consultants play a critical bridging role. Image consultants are true professionals at shaping a person’s image from the inside out. With the education, knowledge, rapport and relationship skills, image consultants render their services through coaching, presentations, consultations, and workshops.

From the right styles and clothes to wear, ideal color combinations, the flattering hairstyle, enhancing the body’s shape and proportion, to proper attitude adjustments and etiquettes, image consultants make use of tried-and-tested facts as a basis of their advice, whenever appropriate. Clients groomed for refinement do not only look good, they feel good as well.

Why you should seek out an image consultant:

  • You are an individual or corporate client who needs counsel in manners of appearance, behavior, communication skills, etiquette, and international protocol;
  • You are a client who wants to achieve specific goals with confidence, credibility, and authenticity;
  • You want total transformation and not just superficial changes;
  • You need proper adjustments to your physical traits based on principles laid out by years and years of careful observation and prevailing notions in the industry;
  • You want to attract more and better opportunities in life resulting from proper guidance and training;
  • You wanted to leave behind your old self to start anew; and/or
  • You are going through changes but want to make the transition for the better, not for the worst.

Who should opt for image consultancy:

  • Average teenagers with confidence problems who want a bit of self-esteem boost to face the competition and even build their own credibility;
  • MBA and graduating students wanting to make a good impression on an interview;
  • Persons seeking employment or women/young mothers returning to the workforce;
  • Low- to mid-level members of the corporate hierarchy who need power, presence, and performance to achieve a desired advancement in their career;
  • Business travelers set for environmental transition and acclimatization to prevent unwanted blunders;
  • Models looking to maintain good impressions on and off the camera;
  • Actors or people with substance and style who wants longer prestige and fame;
  • High-profile figures like top-level women executives or their male counterparts who wants to stay at the top of their game;
  • Politicians running or re-running for a certain government position;
  • Corporate employees wanting to make a good impression;
  • Businessmen who would like to brand or rebrand themselves and stand out from the crowd;
  • Average individuals, like you and me, who wants to know their color harmony to look better with some touches of make-up;
  • Individuals who wants an enhanced physical impression, such as appearing taller, sexier, thinner, or younger
  • Sick individuals who would want a physical overhaul and appear healthier

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