Radiance Image at Sprint Asia Beauty’s 2019 Kick-Off

Sprint Asia Beauty had its 2019 Kick-Off event with the theme, “HATAW NA!”, on February 8, 2019. The event took place at the Valley Golf Country Club in Antipolo.

Sprint Asia Beauty is a distributor of cosmetic products in the Philippines. They work with brands like Orly, Makeup World, City Color Cosmetics, L.A. Colors, and many others. I love their hair coloring product called Naturtint.

Sprint Asia General Manager, Ms. Persie Torregoza, and VP Ms. Jen Yap, invited me to facilitate a half-day of learning to some 60 employees. I chose to present the Personality Development and Image Enhancement program to them.

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They want their employees to strengthen personal brand, professional image, and develop self-confidence. Also, align them with the company’s mission, vision, and core values. Ms. Jen was specific in creating a mindset of being fishers of men to the employees. You can see a printed reminder of this mission on the back of their shirts.

The morning started with a short talk by Ms. Jen and Ms. Persie, who is my colleague at NEW. I had a fun morning with the energetic participants.

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I was able to give them an overview of Corporate Image and its relevance to their work. I also gave them tips on how to look credible and likeable. This is important because they meet different kinds of clients every day.

The topic on Body Shape made them aware of what types of clothes will suit them. I also gave them tips in choosing the right garments to give them a good fit. I emphasized how critical their choice of clothes is because it can make or break their image.

Wearing ill-fitting clothes greatly affects how they are perceived by their co-worker or client. People will assume they do not care about how they look, which translates to lack of credibility. I assured them that they do not have to follow fashion trends. What is important is to look neat, polished, and presentable.

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I shared with them 8 Body Language mistakes or nonverbal cues we should avoid. And they also learned about etiquette and good grooming.

However, a critical step to achieving a great image has to start from within. No matter how well-groomed or how put together they are on the outside, the true condition of their hearts still emanates. I emphasized that the ultimate goal is to have a heart connected with God. An intimate relationship with the Lord is the source of true beauty.

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