Ms. TM’s Farm Life Experience at Bemwa Farms

Bemwa Farms located at Marilog District, Davao City, is a farm known for their fresh produce and unique offer of agricultural farming experience to their clients. A 40-minute to an hour drive from Davao City, Bemwa Farms serves as a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of the city to a cool temperature where you can buy organic produce and simply enjoy the fresh air. Tourists and locals can come and experience what farm life is like. They are also one of Davao City’s main suppliers of lettuce, herbs and strawberries, because of the abundance of their produce. Bemwa Farms is also transparent to the public so consumers are assured of the freshness and quality of their products. Consumers can simply walk in and tour the farms and watch the farmers at work or to join them as well! What a better way to ensure you are getting the highest possible quality product than to pick it yourself right? The charm of Bemwa Farms is is its beauty from the raw and unadulterated farm drawing people to itself.

The drive to the farm is through Buda, a part of Davao City where the climate changes from the hot and humid temperature of the city to a cool and dry climate. After driving through concrete road at Buda, a rough terrain will lead you up to Bemwa Farms. Since Buda has a cooler and lower temperature compared to the city, traveling early in the morning and late in the afternoon is not very advisable because it can become be very foggy. So it is best to travel mid-day for a perfect get-away from the city.

Upon arriving from the uphill entry, a signage greeted me indicating the entrance to the farm proper. Then another uphill road will lead you to the farm itself. The road may be uneven but it is short and manageable even by a sedan.

This farm does not require any entrance fee so it is the visitors’ duty to keep the place clean by being mindful of their trash and belongings.

From the parking area, the first thing that greeted me was their mini store that showcased their fresh produce of the day, seasonal products and products made from their produce ready for visitors to purchase. Also from that side I could see the farmers sorting out their harvest for the day.

I found that they have seasonal products such as these chocolates. With unique flavors like chocolate coffee and chocolate chili, they are packaged beautifully. It is a delight for visitors to try these seasonal products.

I also saw that Bemwa Farms also manufacture condiments and vinaigrettes made from their own produce. And I must say, they sell out quickly!

The vinaigrettes tasted as fun and fresh as they looked. But they are exclusively sold at the farm so you’d have to go all the way to Bemwa Farms for these as they are not sold in local grocery stores.

I also found out that this farm is very famous for their abundant supply of lettuce. Selling for only 50-70 pesos per bag, a bag that is as big as a pillow! Inside are different kinds of lettuce mixed in a variety.

Here are the pillow sized bags of lettuces (PHP50-70/bag):

Lettuce is always a sought after vegetable for people trying to eat wholesome, healthy or wanting to go vegan. This palatable plant is kind enough for the tastebuds of someone not fully accustomed to eating vegetables; it is also a staple vegetable for most dieters. But what is the truth about the lettuce? What are its health benefits? Is it truly nutritious?

It is said that lettuce has a number of health benefits that range from cancer prevention, lowering of cholesterol to being a sleep inducer and anxiety controller, among many others. Lettuce or Lactuca sativa was first cultivated in Egypt and later in Greece and Rome. It was only between 16th and 18th century when varieties of lettuce were discovered due to cross-pollination of sub-species. The nutritional values of lettuce are also impressive; they are very low in calories—100g of lettuce is just 15 calories! It is also an excellent source of Vitamins A, K and C, beta carotene, and folate, which are all daily dietary needs for healthy bodily function. They also contain minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium that is important to have healthy system. With all these benefits, could there be a downside to eating lettuce? My answer is yes.

A few people are actually allergic to lettuce due to immune system deficiency or other unknown factors. But one main contributor is the production of the lettuce itself. Any lettuce grown with chemical fertilizers and growth hormones for faster production becomes void of its many benefits. Organic lettuce, however, is raw and unadulterated, and much preferable than the chemically grown lettuce. Fortunately, Bemwa Farms produces are all organic, maximizing the benefits of the products they sell.

Aside from the lettuce they also sell potted herbs that you could take home and grow in your own garden.

These are low maintenance herbs that you could grow even indoors. They are notably cheaper than buying the pre-packed ones at the grocery store. They are also economical since they will not wilt right away like the pre-packed herbs do. For a meticulous parent or food business owner, picking herbs directly from the plant ensure quality to their prepared food.

Bemwa, also known as Davao’s little Baguio, is capable of growing strawberries due to the cold temperature. The best part is they allow their visitors to pick their own strawberries!

Sadly, I was not able to try this experience because strawberry picking is only done when the strawberries are available. Since I went there late in the afternoon, there were no more strawberries for me to pick. The farmer told me that people come as early as 5AM just to pick strawberries! Considering the fog, the strawberries are at high quality during this time so people come in that early to get it.

Here is a view of the lettuce farm:

Other plants and greenery present at the farm:

A trip to Bemwa Farms is certainly worth the drive. The experience of the farm life, breathing fresh air and harvesting organic produce definitely makes Bemwa Farms a must in your Davao trip itinerary.

I’m really happy when I get to share new discoveries that promote organic and healthy lifestyle like Bemwa Farms. I believe that choosing to live healthy should not be an option, but a norm–and I have made it my life’s purpose to help others to find this path to healthy living through my blog. So if you want to learn more how to improve your health and wellness, follow me on my Instagram and Facebook.


Marilog District, Davao City, Davao del Sur

Conctact Number: (0923) 694 9789

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