Ms. TM in Batanes Day 2 – Southern Batan

Our second day in Batanes was spent touring the southern portion of Batan island, which I feel is even more beautiful and breathtaking than the northern area.

Paderes Point and Cliff Road was our first stop, where we got a fantastic view of giant waves bursting against beautiful rock formations first thing in the morning.

The Chawa Viewing Deck, which faces out into the West Philippine Sea was next. The view from here was simply amazing as well.

Among the various sites in Mahatao Town, we saw the Boat Shelter Port and the Spanish Lighthouse.

For lunch and some goofing around, we stopped over at Racuh a Payaman, popularly known as Marlboro Hills.

We then checked out Alapad Hills and Rock Formation, which is where the 90’s Pinoy movie Hihintayin Kita sa Langit was filmed.

After this, we visited House of Dakay, which is the oldest surviving stone house in Batanes, and also the most visited.

Along the way, we got to visit Honesty Coffee Shop, the San Jose de Ivana Church and Ruinsold Spanish bridge, and San Carlos Borromeo Church. We also got to see a few other hotels where our tour companions were billeted.

All in all, it was a spectacular day!

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