Master the Art of Personal Branding & Communication in this Transformative Workshop!

In today’s competitive landscape, a strong first impression is crucial. Do you struggle to project confidence or worry about being taken seriously? Our Executive Presence & Leadership Branding workshop led by Toni Miranda, equips you with the skills to command respect, inspire trust, and achieve your professional goals.

In partnership with SMX Academix, all sessions will be held at SMX Convention Center Aura, Fort BGC.

Friday, May 24, 2024

08:30 AM to 05:00 PM

  • Become an Authority Figure: Master the ABCs of Image (Appearance, Behavior, Communication) and cultivate unwavering credibility.
  • Craft Your Signature Leadership Brand: Discover your strengths, position yourself strategically, and stand out from the crowd.
  • Make Powerful First Impressions: Master nonverbal communication, excel in introductions, and leave a lasting positive impact.
  • Navigate Business Etiquette with Confidence: Develop Executive Presence traits and master professional conduct for any situation.
  • Become a Master Communicator: Refine verbal and nonverbal skills to maximize impact, deliver captivating presentations, and inspire action.
  • Refine Your Image: Discover professional grooming and dressing for success techniques to project a polished, confident presence. (Focuses on clear benefits and desired outcomes)

This workshop is designed for executives, managers, and professionals who want to elevate their leadership presence, build credibility, and achieve greater success.

Module 1: Mastering Executive Presence  

  • Understanding the Essentials: Appearance, Behavior, and Communication (ABCs)
  • Exploring Core Elements: Confidence, Charisma, and Authenticity
  • Crafting Your Unique Leadership Brand: Embracing Individuality and Strategic Positioning

Module 2: Creating Lasting Positive Impressions

  • Essential Traits for Strong First Impressions: Credibility, Likability, and Authority
  • Harnessing Non-verbal Techniques: Body Language, Gestures, and Facial Expressions
  • Excelling in Effective Introductions and Initial Interactions

Module 3: Navigating Business Etiquette

  • Cultivating Key Attributes: Gravitas, Integrity, and Motivational Intelligence 
  • Mastering Business Etiquette and Meeting Conduct: Professionalism in Action
  • Building Professional Relationships and Networking Strategies

Lunch On Your Own

Module 4: Harnessing Effective Communication

  • Developing Verbal Proficiency: Clarity, Assertiveness, and Active Listening
  • Utilizing Non-verbal Communication: Posture, Eye Contact, and Voice Modulation
  • Enhancing Presence and Visual Presentation for Impactful Communication

Module 5: Refining Your Brand Image

  • Presenting Yourself Professionally: Grooming, Attire, and Personal Hygiene
  • Discovering Your Personal Style: Identifying Preferences and Body Language
  • Dressing Appropriately for Different Occasions: Corporate, Casual, and Formal Settings

Join us for this comprehensive journey towards enhancing your professional image, refining your communication skills, and projecting a compelling brand presence.

Elevate your success with practical strategies and actionable insights.

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